Think Daily by Larry Janesky
"Strong and Harmless"

Would you rather be "weak and harmless" or "strong and harmless"? We need to be strong and harmless because not everyone is strong, and not everyone is harmless.

"No chance of losing"

If you have resolved to yourself that you will accomplish a given result...if you are determined enough...if you have enough desire... "No chance of losing"?  If you say so.


Today, go out there and be brave.  Take the fear that you put in your way as your limit to forward motion, and break through it. It's ok.  You can.  You will.

Give up the fight? Maybe it's time.

Many of us have a war going on in our head; at least one.  There is a bad guy or group, and a struggle between you (good) and them (evil).  It can be draining, discouraging, and bring out the worst in us. Sometimes the fight is worth fighting.  But other…

Living in your own world

There is a world out there that churns out a daily narrative and hopes you will envelop yourself with it.  It dictates values, what's important, and reaches for your attention - hoping you will embrace it.   But it's your choice.  You can accept it all and live in that…

"Under Oath"

Imagine if at all times you were "under oath", and had to tell the truth under the penalty of perjury.  Are you impeccable with your word?

People skills and people knowledge

The biggest reason you got your job, keep your job, and advance in your job is in who you are as a person and your skills at interacting with other people. Who are you to others?

When to remember, when to forget

Looking back on our lives and what happened can be useful - we can learn, understand, or be upset, ashamed and haunted. The wise know when to remember, and when to forget.  

Who deserves your help?

Bad luck, misfortune and accident are very different from bad habits, bad attitude and lack of discipline or moral values. Who deserves your help?

Think Daily by Larry Janesky

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