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Right answers

Nobody goes around saying they are wrong.  They are right.  If they thought they weren't right, they'd change their minds until they know they are right. Right answers may change. Today it's right, but tomorrow it's wrong based on new information or circumstances. What's right for me is not for…

Positive Thinking Part 2

Positive thinking won't allow you to do anything, but it will allow you to do everything better than negative thinking will. What is your default way of thinking - especially about challenges?

Think positively

"It's not going to happen. They are all booked up.  We'll never get this" she said, obviously disappointed and worried. He smiled and looked at her.  "Everything will work out.  I know it." The next day, the phone rang.  It was good news...    

You doubted it would work out – and… didn't. Did you cause it so you'd be right? Did you not do all you could to make the good happen because you doubted it would happen? By doubting, or failing to believe in your own success, we prevent it from happening. From the inner - the outer.  

Here's a way to reduce CO2 I am sure of!

Yesterday I referred to two YouTube videos to show that experts who inform masses can be wrong, and I used examples referring to reducing CO2.  (My post was not about solar energy or electric vehicles, but just used two experts who did TED talks to show that experts contradict each…

How we can all be so wrong.

Today, I want to talk about how a false narrative and beliefs get implanted in the public's mind; how the madness of crowds comes to be. On YouTube, I watched a video of a guy who spent his life championing environmental causes in California.  He fought for solar power and…

Would you rather have fairness or equality?

Inequality is not the same as unfairness. Some people think that fairness means equality - everybody receives the same.  Others think it means proportionality - everybody receives in proportion to their contributions. People prefer fair inequality over unfair equality. How about you?

The wellspring inside you

Most people are in search of things, riches, to get ahead, riches out in the world - while ignoring the riches in their own minds and what it can bring. Ironically, by understanding, tapping into and developing your inherent talents, you can find many of the things you seek outwardly.…


Desire is the power behind action. What we desire most is what we will think and focus on. Whatever we fix our minds on, that is what we attract. What do you desire?

Think Daily by Larry Janesky

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