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Taxes consume freedom

A certain level of expense sharing must exist if we are to have roads and schools and common defense.  But beyond that, taxes and fees, both known and hidden, direct and indirect, consume our freedom. Don't believe me or understand it?   What if you were forced to work for free? …

"I can" is empowering

Saying "I can't" is disempowering.   Your mind is listening to what you say, and it believes it. What have you been saying you can't do?

Blaming is an excuse

Blaming anyone or anything besides the person in the mirror relieves you of your duty to do better. This is hard to hear for the person who believes his blaming is legitimate.  But when you blame, you give your power to get better away by saying "they are responsible for…

Loving yourself to love someone else.

Getting into a relationship to fill a hole in ourselves doesn't work.  Two empty people does not = filling each other's cups.   YOU must be FULL in order to have something substantial to pour into someone else's cup, and vice versa. Until we find love and connection within ourselves and…

Happy Birthday Think Daily!

I April of 2009 I had an idea, and I got started.  I have never missed sending two Think Daily messages each weekday day to my subscribers. Twelve years x 500 - that's 6000 messages! I write most messages on the weekends.  For example today it's Sunday and I have…

Does fear control your life?

"If you don't do the thing you fear, then fear controls your life." I was a freshman in high school walking to school by myself.  A rock came whizzing by my head.  I looked back and it was the Taska brothers - all three of them.  Two older than me,…

Getting older?

"It is magnificent to grow old, if one stays young." - Harry Emerson Fosdick There's nothing that says you have to act your age.

Say "YES"!

Some people say "no" as a default. Say "YES!"  Yes, I'll try it.  Yes, I'll go there.  Yes, I'll check it out.  Yes, I will meet them.  Yes, I will learn about that. A life of fun and adventure opens up when you say "YES".

Think Daily by Larry Janesky

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