Think Daily by Larry Janesky

Throughout history, many great accomplishments were made by people who were "obsessed". Are you consumed by thoughts of what you want and how to get it?

True Friends

When things are going great, friends seem to be plentiful.  Who is there when you are down and/or need help? Who is that for you?

Do you have a self-discipline problem?

Everybody knows WHAT to do. And these days finding out HOW to do it is easy. You are the boss of you. (Isn't freedom wonderful?) So much can be unlocked, and more is possible with self-discipline. Do you have it?

Dreaming without action.

Dreaming is easy.  The fun part.  But a dream turns to hard work if it's to come true. Dreaming without action gets you nowhere except regret for what you didn't do. Dreams into Learning.  Learning into plans.  Plans into action. Let's go.

Thinking Long Term

Short-term thinking most often leads to failure.  Failure in relationships, finances and life. Long-range thinkers do best.  They set themselves up for what they want to make happen in the future and they know the future will inevitably come.  They delay gratification.  They save and plan and get better. Today…


"In great attempts, it is glorious even to fail" - Wilfred Patterson Last night I was talking to my son Tanner.  It was 108 degrees and he's driving to Flagstaff AZ to start an 18 mile running race at 7 pm.  He will be running at night when it's cooler…

Basketball won't make you a living

Getting really good at something takes a long time.  You can get good at something that creates value for others, or you can get really good at something that is just a hobby. Compound interest is when you lever actions over time into the future.  It is very powerful in…

Think Daily by Larry Janesky

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