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Time flies – but you're the pilot

We all have the same amount of time in a day, week, or year.  It seems to fly by. When we are young, we think we have unlimited time.  As we age, we come to know better. It seems we can't control this thing called time. But we can!  We…

Being happy today

"It is only possible to live Happily Ever After one day at a time." - Margaret Wander Bonanno Learn to be happy with all you have, while pursuing all you want. Don't delay being happy.  

Feeling Guilty?

If you feel guilty, it means you have violated one of your own internal standards and you need to clean up your act. Right?

Need help?

How is your life going?  If I'm not willing to help myself, there is not much anyone can do for me. Habits, eating, learning, effort, and attitude... Are you doing what you can to make things better for yourself and keep them that way?

Moving away, or towards?

You can't just be moving away from something, you have to be moving towards something better. Don't just look back with negative emotion, look forward with positive emotion. What are you moving towards?

Do it now.

I was listening to a podcast recently where the founder of Lululemon was being interviewed.  At the end he was asked if he had any advice for the listeners.  He told a story. When he turned 60 he asked his Dad, "Dad, what advice would you give a 60-year-old?"  His…

"IDK what IDK"

When we don't know something, we tend to fill in information gaps with what seems probable and likely.  We literally make stuff up.  This creates blind spots where we thought we knew something. You know less than you don't know. You know less than you think you do know. Ignorance…

The "secret" of success

There isn't one that someone else is keeping from you - with the exception of what you intentionally hide from yourself. How to do it is out there and available to all. These days, those that say they don't know how to succeed are making excuses.

Think Daily by Larry Janesky

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