Think Daily by Larry Janesky
"But, will I encounter hardship?"

Of course.  It's not whether you get obstacles or hardships, it's how you handle them. Control the controllables. Think clearly and make a plan. Focus on the next step. Keep moving.

Become a threat

Become a threat to your excuses and old habits. Become a threat to your lazy brain that doesn't want to do any new thinking.  The new you threatens the old you?  Perfect.   Let's confront it, and then release it...and finally put the old self to rest.

Three words – who would you like to be?

What three words would you like to be more of? Excited?  Creative?  Open? Loving?  Grateful?  Patient? Present? Bold?  Powerful?  Courageous? Go ahead and pick three words that the new and better version of you will be. Now write them down on a post-it note and put them on your bathroom…


Actions can reprogram your brain too.  Stand up and take action.  Do the thing you fear.  Get started.  Move your body.  Take the first step.  Do it.   Just as thoughts can reprogram your brain, so can action.  Repeated action conditions your brain into new beliefs and new repeated thoughts. I…

Reprogramming YOU

To reprogram ourselves from thoughts that are not helpful to ones that are, we can use the same technique that got us here in the first place.  Repetition. We can't get rid of a thought - we can only overwrite it with a new thought about that subject. So check…

Automatic Thoughts – Weight and Duration

We have automatic thought patterns that we developed because we gave them weight and repetition.  One day we said "Yes, this is who I am, and this is how things are and this is how I will be".  We gave them weight.   Then we think these thoughts over and over. …

Changing your thought patterns

To change our recurring thought patterns, first, we have to notice them.  Check-in with yourself and pay attention to your thoughts in the morning, the middle of the day, and towards the end.  Ask "Where are my thoughts?" and "Are they supporting me or automatically coming up negative and protective…

Recurring thoughts

Your brain is lazy.  It doesn't want to do any new thinking because that takes energy.  We're programmed to conserve calories because not long ago we didn't know where the next ones would come from. So your brain developed automatic recurring thought patterns that it keeps bringing up for you…

Think Daily by Larry Janesky

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