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Do more than you are paid for.

Someone told me about "The Quiet Quit" recently - that's where people do the bare minimum and go home.  Of course, if you did that you can't complain that your career is going nowhere and others are doing better. It's also good news for those who want to "get ahead"…

Is it still ok to tell the truth?

There are a lot of opinions out there and they seem to be getting stronger and more divisive. It can have you wondering if it's ok to say things anymore. Of course, if you have a bias or thinking problem, then maybe that is warranted. But I think we need…

Capitalism eradicates poverty

The poverty level has gone down in the US and all over the world.   Today, you can't tell a rich person from a poor one in many cases.  IPhone, sneakers, clean clothes, roof over their head and enough to eat.  And let's not forget access to the world's information.   Only…

Equal Opportunity. ?.

There are a lot of "equal" words flying around today.  "All men are created equal", "equal opportunity", "equity", "equal outcomes" and various other forms of "equal".  I think many people just get behind anyone using any combination of these words automatically. Of course, "all men are created equal" comes from…

You are (most likely) controlled by fear

Don't believe it? Then why aren't you shooting higher and going for more/better/greater and using more of your potential? Fear - overcome it, eliminate it or use it - and you are on your way up!

You will never rise above your highest expectations

What do you expect for yourself? Where do you see yourself in one year?  Five?  Ten?  Twenty? What do you think is possible for you? Whatever it is, that is your limitation.   You will never exceed your highest expectation for yourself. Believe higher.

Some days are far bigger than others.

Some days are big.  Other days are REALLY BIG. July 9, 2022 was a very big day for me and Adolia Marie. This is our video to remember it.  

Be around people who believe in you

You may have friends who like you when you play life as they do.  The minute you go for more and try to rise up, they aren't so supportive anymore - you may make them look bad. You may be around people that love you, but you know they really…

Think Daily by Larry Janesky

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