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Experience is a great teacher…

...and it sends you big bills!  And you will never live long enough to learn everything you need to know by experience and trial and error alone. You can't learn much from yourself - you must learn from others.  And now, there are so many ways to learn on the…

Are you a giver?

"If you wish to become great, learn to become the servant of many" - Bible Life gives to the giver, and takes from the taker.

What is your philosophy for your life?

Name one item - such as "I believe if you help others and put good out there it will come back to you." Ok, now name another part of your beliefs for living. A third? It's an interesting exercise to clarify and put into words what you really believe.  Then…

"Destiny Math"

If you take what you are doing now, multiplied by 25 years, where does that take you?

How much of your day is yours?

If you spent a few minutes and think about yesterday, how much of the day were you responding to someone else's agenda, and how much of it did you use to advance your own goals?

Cry forward

"You can whine and cry, just cry while you're still running forward." - Robin Benincasa, adventure racer. When it sucks, you can say so - but just don't stop making progress.    

Commitment starts when the fun stops

Anyone can say they are committed when it's easy and fun.  But when it starts to hurt, suck, rain, get hot/cold/dark, and the non-believers start hitting you with sarcasm and doubt...well, that's when you find out if you really want this, and how bad. What do you say you want…

Unlimiting the definition of who you are.

To make a real change in your life, you have to see yourself as a different person.  While you thinking of yourself the way you are now makes you a good version of you, it also limits you from moving forward into being even better. Make a new definition in…

Are you a manufactured product, or free?

Do you primarily pay attention to information and messages coming inward and think and react accordingly? Or do you set your attention on what you chose that supports you living to your potential, ignoring most of what is trying to get to you?

Think Daily by Larry Janesky

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