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Accept failure like a student

When we are learning, we expect to mess up before we get it right.   Some things we can learn in a few minutes.  Some things take months. Some things come in long wave patterns over lots of years.   If we come to understand that we are always a student, when…

A storm is coming.

I can predict the future with 100% certainty.   If you are alive, a storm is coming.   You can build a sturdy house; you can prepare for it or not, but it's coming. I also predict warm sunny pleasant days coming.  For sure. Whether it's health, finances, relationships, career, family, or…

Sleep Training

Early to bed, early to rise.... Before a big event or a competition or an important day - sleep a lot. When you are fully rested you will feel and perform so much better. In fact, if I had a choice to study/practice more into the night or get more…

Not a morning person?

I read this recently - "People who claim not to be a morning person, most certainly have been an irresponsible or undisciplined evening person." I understand the point.  If you go to bed late, you surely will not be a morning person.   That makes sense, right?

Sleep is an act of caring

When you sleep ENOUGH, your body will heal, your energy stores will replenish themselves, and your spirit will rise - and this makes the next day a good day! Sleep enough.  Start early.

Get Karma on your side!

Having a bad day?  Things keep going against you? Keep giving to other quality people and helping them. With this attitude - it will get better!

"Target Practice"

This from Darren Hardy -  Target Practice - 0) Accept your current reality. 1) What do you want? (be clear) 2) What can you do right now to get more of what you want? 3) Take action.

Wealth, health and happiness

We pursue the big 3 wants in life - wealth, health and happiness - and we pursue them in that order. But the importance is in reverse. Happiness, health and then wealth. Of course, it is far easier to be happy if you have your health, but if you don't,…


What if you were great at work four days a week and one day a week you slacked off? What if you kept your promises most of the time? What if you were nice to your spouse five times out of six? What if you worked out only when you…

Think Daily by Larry Janesky

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