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Recently my wife asked our 8-year old if he'd like a ride to school in our sports car.  (She usually drives him an SUV or a Tesla).  He said no because the kids would tease him and that they already call him "Tesla boy".  They were teasing him because in…

"Uggh…..ok……I got this."

My mental training and education combined with my goals have produced a certain way of thinking, and I wanted to share it with you. I try to move my team forward all the time.  I try to avoid bad things happening.  But when a bad thing does happen, rather than…

Optimists Win

Optimists get paid more, are healthier, win more games and elections, feel better, live longer, have happier families, and are better at dealing with uncertainty and change. Are you an optimist?

An Interesting Life

"What an interesting life I had; and how I wish I had realized it sooner." - Collette Take a moment or three to realize how interesting/cool/good/amazing your life is.  

Day-Tight Compartments

Unless yesterday went really really well - don't carry over yesterday into today. Or last week/month/year into this week/month/year. Each day is a new opportunity. Take it.

Welcome to your life

Welcome to your life. There's no turning back. It's never too soon to make it right. But one day, it will be too late. Be your best today. 

What do leave people with?

After experiencing you, people want to see you again, or not.  After interacting with someone, what residual feelings do you think you leave them with?  

San Felipe 250 race results.

We break in our normal schedule for a race report. Back to our regular program tomorrow.   San Felipe 250 results for Janesky Racing- we had three teams in three different classes - which means three different stories.   214x - Sportsman Motorcycle - me and my three friends from…

If you're gonna' be dumb, you gotta' be tough!

If you are going to be satisfied with being ignorant, or if you ignore doing what you know is the right, healthy thing, then you had better be tough enough to live with the consequences. Hard days, easy life.  Easy days, tough life.


"Ignorance is a self-generating state-of-mind; one of its characteristics is that it doesn't recognize itself as ignorance." - Jane Smiley "Reason obeys itself, and ignorance submits to whatever is dictated to it. - Thomas Paine What area do you know little or nothing about that is hurting you?  Do you…

Think Daily by Larry Janesky

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