Think Daily by Larry Janesky
Happy Independence Day!

Tomorrow is America's birthday!  Let's not forget the principles this country was founded on.  Principles that have created such freedom and prosperity that we all enjoy today.   And let's not forget we must protect the ideas that got us here.  Limited government for example; we don't want a government with…

When to shake your snow globe – and when to stop

Pretend we have a snow globe in our minds.   For some of us, we're in such a habit of mediocrity and comfort, all the snow has long settled, and not a lot is happening.  That group needs to shake the snow globe.  Go to different places, meet new people, change…

When the mind studies the mind.

When you study the human mind and how it works, you can understand why you think the way you do. You can observe yourself thinking and make corrections. If you learn about it, you can be your own therapist, avoid suffering, and optimize your own experience.

Get rid of junk mail

Stop your junk mail.  Send your address and a request to be removed from all mailing lists to -Mail Preference ServiceDirect Marketing AssociationP.O. Box 9008Farmingdale, NY 11735-9008 (I hope this works!)

Time will tell

We can heavily influence the outcome of any situation.   Yet you never know the consequences of bad fortune when it happens.  Wait.  You never know all the consequences of good fortune either.   Time will tell.  Think, and keep doing your best each day.  

What do you believe is possible for you?

You're thinking about a challenge or a difficult task, and you think it's not possible. Do you get started and attempt it in earnest? No.  We don't try/do things we think are impossible for us, right? What we believe about ourselves has a lot to do with what we attempt…

Take a chance, yet again.

Nothing good comes without a risk. "Where there is a chance of gain, there is a chance of loss. Whenever one courts great happiness, one also risks malaise." - Walker Percy If it didn't work out, you have to learn from it and be smarter, but don't stop taking chances.

The positive residue of tragedy

If our lives were all easy and full of peaches and rainbows, we'd be pretty weak, and pretty vulnerable. Tragedy helps us grow.  It makes us stronger psychologically and emotionally; and that strength is what is necessary to live an even better life. Use it.

Think Daily by Larry Janesky

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