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How to make more $$$

I recently assembled a team of guys to do a project at a property for 4-6 weeks.  Some of the guys I knew, and some I didn't.  Halfway through the project, we dismissed several guys.  Towards the end, we dismissed two more.  Then we hired two guys permanently. What made…

A caring benevolent government

I don't comment on politics very much.  I'm not associated with one side or the other. The COVID19 crisis.  The government shut us all down and then eased the sting by giving us big unemployment checks and forgivable loans for businesses.  Aren't they so nice? I wouldn't want to be…

Believing in what is real

What is real to you is real because you believe in it. Our outer limitations are real if we manifest them internally first.  In the same way, these limitations are released. What do you believe? You'll see it when you believe it.

Setting goals for what you think is probable.

We had some experiences and the world responded to us.  Based on those early experiences we drew a box around ourselves and said "That's who I am".  We've been acting that way ever since. But is it true? Now we set goals based on what we think is probable for…

Suspend doubt

If you aren't going to believe you can do it, then at least don't believe you can't. You are unqualified to say what you can and can not do. If you want it bad enough, you can. Do you?

You were wrong about you

If someone told you that you are playing too small and are more able and powerful than you are showing, would you argue with them? I am telling you that right now. If you argue, that's not very smart.  If you don't, then you should do some serious thinking about…

Your body talks – to you.

Body language is both a cause and effect of emotion. If you are feeling down, your body will droop.  Conversely, if you droop your body, you will start to feel down. Knowing this, you can create positive emotions by putting your body in a position to create the positive emotions…

Think Daily by Larry Janesky

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