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Does the real world come from a screen?

Joe Polish says this - "If you can be in a sea of pollution and not be polluted, that's really valuable."  He says "social media and media is BS".  I think he means that it does not represent reality.  It's edited - what people decide to show. If you are…

Freedom from…

Another kind of freedom we need to live a happy life is freedom from internal torments - guilt, doubt, worry, fear, etc. This is up to us.  Internal problems are just as problematic as external ones.  Good character is necessary to avoid mistakes large and small.  Self-discipline and working to…

Freedom to….

Freedom is one of those incredibly valuable things that you don't appreciate until you lose it.  That's why we have to continually tak about it to others and to young people.  The whole world is not a freedom fantasy land.  Men can be evil when given the power to do…

Do you know what you want?

God bless the people who know what they want and go for it.  They get started in the right path for them and through the magic of compound interest, get really good at it earlier in life. Some people don't know what they want.  Some say they know and get…

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