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Where your attention goes, energy flows.

What are you paying attention to today?  It is likely you are paying attention to what you see and hear - and that you can do on purpose. What you pay attention to you will find yourself thinking more about, and then you'll find yourself taking action on it. That's…

Be a producer, not a taker.

If you want to see why someone is failing, just follow them around all day and watch what they do. What would someone see if they followed you around? Are you taking value, or producing it? How much are you producing?  How can you produce more results that people value?…

Are you likeable?

Are you strange?  Are you righteous and rigid in your opinions?  Are you angry?  Does your face say "go away" and do you not like many others?  Do you have quirks that only a few understand that make others uncomfortable?  Do you not take care of yourself?  Are you unconfident…

You will not be eaten.

Nervous about trying something new, or something old in a new way?  Worried about how the new project will turn out or about meeting some new people you think are key to your progress? What's the worst that can happen? Just go for it.  You will learn something, even and…

How to be unlikable

There are many ways you can be unlikable. Be a humble braggart with false humility. Throw temper tantrums. Shut down and give the silent treatment. Be dogmatic - being righteous and closed-minded. Be all about yourself and never interested in others. Don't smile.  Glare, or dirty or suspicious looks instead.…

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