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They knew this a long time ago….

Great ideas are not new.  I am reading a book published in 1916 about influence, that is ideas from a Japanese Shogun from the 12th century.  More on that one later. The Buddha's text is called the Dhammapada.  In it, it says - "Our life is shaped by our mind;…

Suffering – necessary? I think so.

People who had it easy tend to have low resilience. "Greatness is not in intelligence.  Greatness is not formed by smart people.  It is formed by people who have suffered.  I wish you ample doses of pain and suffering." - Jenson Huang, founder of Nvidia 21 years ago, now the…

Really understanding other people

We are tribal.  We cling together with people who think like us.  It's very rare to have someone really understand others without becoming defensive and argumentative, outwardly or inwardly.   Why is it so difficult to understand others?  The problem is in large part from the tendency to filter, color, interpret,…

You believe you.

How do you tell your story to yourself? You can say to yourself - "I am a loser" or "I am a winner, I just haven't won yet." You can say "I don't deserve better" or "I deserve better" You can say "I did my best" or "I can do…

Energy Resource Dynamics blog

My son Tanner writes a blog about Energy and Sustainability.  He writes a new article about twice a month or so.  The articles are short and interesting, and devoid of agenda or hype.  He focuses on the science of things.  I think you will find his articles interesting.  Here is…

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