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Show up ready to go!

This simple idea was brought to us from the comments section by Bill Whyte. If you SHOW UP, and you are ready to go, you are ahead of most people.  Showing up ready, physically, emotionally and with the right attitude, is half the battle. Many people don't get that far.…

This crap is a setup…

Adversity and problems in your life?   It's a setup for things to come.  They could be good or great things if you learn, get smarter, change, and don't give up or be a victim.

Ideas Matter

Too often we say we like a policy or something that is going on in the world depending on if it serves our interest or not.   Too seldom do we say "It's not right" when it serves our interest. For example, if someone shows up at your front door to…

"Affectionate Asskicker"

Having someone who we know cares about us, but still calls us on our crap and challenges us to be better is a good thing.  You can't pull anything on this person - and they know when you are making excuses and when you can do better - and they…

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