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The Big Race 2023 – part 1

2023 was my 9th year racing in Baja.  A Connecticut guy racing in the desert - so unexpected.  But so many incredible shared experiences have come from it, why stop now? Most of that time I've been racing a motorcycle.  I still race motorcycles, having done a 500-mile race in…

"Full Effort is Full Victory"

"Full effort is full victory" is a famous saying by Mahatma Gandhi.  (Mahatma means "great soul") What does it mean?  What does it mean to you? This is not some 'everyone is a winner' saying, or to say that winning is everything. Instead, it speaks to what I have said…

Passions keep you young

"Finding a passion is not an antidote to aging, but it is the nearest thing to it that human beings have found so far." - Dr. Mardy Grothe As I get older I find this to be very true.  I have great interests that I pursue with vigor because I…

Effort is Your Responsibility

Whether you have big goals and are chasing them, or you are losing, effort is always your responsibility. Nobody can make efforts for you, and if they do, they are wasting their time - because if you don't want it enough to give a great effort, then nobody can really…

Don't just collect ideas

You learn a lot.  But you probably already have learned and know many things that can make you more successful and take you where you want to be, that you don't use. Don't be a librarian of ideas - be a practitioner.  Take action.  If you don't, it doesn't matter…

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