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Advice is context-dependent, questions are not.

Yesterday we said, "Advice is context-dependent".  Good advice for some people may not be good advice for others.   Questions are not context-dependent.  So here's a great question for anyone, and one that will help you recognize good advice for you -  What are you optimizing for? Some people may be…

Energizing goals keep the shrink away.

Advice is context-dependent.  There are different points of view that could be true for one person and not for another.  Here's one-  Today we have as I have heard, record levels of depression while the amount of free time people have is at an all-time high.  It takes fewer hours…

Social enemies

It has always been the tactic of our social enemies to make us feel we are not enough and do not have enough. There are some well-meaning friends, coaches and teachers that encourage us to live up to our potential, and that is different.  But for social enemies who operate…

"Finding Joe" I hope you will take the time tonight to watch this movie. It's about you, and was made for you. -Larry

Stop living so safely!

"Life is an ongoing process in choosing between safety out of fear and the need for defense, and risk for the sake of progress and growth.  Make the growth choice a dozen times a day." - Abraham Maslow I can say that I have taken far more "risks" than the…

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