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Not happy with something? Good!

"And from the discontent of man, the world's progress springs." - Ella Wheeler Wilcox When we aren't happy (frustrated, upset, angry) that's when we will do something to change it. If we were comfortable with everything, then we wouldn't be motivated to change anything. It is from this mental adversity…

Do you do difficult things?

"Difficulty is the high fence that keeps out the weak, wannabees, and pretenders.  Most people won;t do it if it's hard." - Dr. Mardy Groethe Not doing anything difficult is how to take the easy path and be comfortable - and to live an ordinary unremarkable life and die without…

The best year of your life – starting now

Make a decision that the next twelve months will be the best year of your life. Making that firm decision and making plans gives you optimism. What would have to happen?  What would it look like?  What do you have to do? List your reasons - your motivations; the more…

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