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When you want to accomplish a task with a team, you have to plan.  We pre ran the course and made our plan.  We adjusted, talked a lot, went over it many times, and had contingency plans if something went wrong.  We knew what our goal was, and what it…

Four wheels, 1226 miles to go…

We were at the starting line with a very long line of race vehicles in front and behind us - 12 of them were our class - Pro UTV N/A (normally aspirated, meaning not a turbo engine).  We had a stock 1000 cc engine, 80 hp and 2300 pounds to…

A New Challenge, A New Adventure

On Nov 18-19 I did something with my friends that was bold, high adventure, and exciting.  I decided to have a race car (a UTV) built for racing the Baja 1000, and 5 friends to be on my team. Long-time subscribers know that the Baja 1000 is the longest off-road…

How would you treat a Million-Dollar Racehorse?

This is an old question but it does stimulate some great thinking.  Last week we talked about how you present yourself to the world.  A few thought the idea was flawed, but how you value (take care of) yourself tells the world a lot about who you are and what…

Don't give your power away!

When we make excuses or blame others we are exempting ourselves from personal accountability.  It may make us feel better, but we don't think about how we can do better and avoid mistakes in the future.   Sure sometimes others played a part in a negative situation, but it's how we…

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