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Believe in things that haven't happened yet

Self-actualized people, that is people that can make what they want happen, have ambition and use their imagination to see things that aren't there yet, and believe in things that haven't happened yet. Then they take action, every day. What do you see and believe in that is not there…

Handwritten letters can go a long way.

"A handwritten, personal letter has become a genuine modern-day luxury, like a child's pony ride" - Shana Alexander Want to express something and make a real impression on someone?   Write a handwritten letter.

Kind people live in a kind world

What would happen if you raised your voice and got hostile with someone?  They do the same back pretty quickly, right?  What about if you smile at that same person and ask if they need any help?  People in the world are a fast feedback loop.  They respond quickly to…

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