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The Age of Infinite Wisdom

The Age of Infinite Wisdom comes before the Age of Wisdom. It's when we think we know it all, or at least all we need to know to do whatever we want. It's when we don't need anyone else's advice because we are too ignorant to recognize we do. It's…

Growing to meet your dream

Dreams....goals....wanting something that hasn't happened yet. In my life, it hadn't happened yet because I was not ready yet.  I had not prepared myself yet. Dreams and goals make you grow into them - if you want them bad enough to do the work. When you are ready; when you…

The gift of your attention

Your attention is all you've got.   You might say that attention is life. To whom or what do you give this gift? Control your attention, control your life.

Don't wait for motivation to strike

Motivation is great.  But most of the time, it may not be there. You have to clearly determine what you want and use self-discipline to keep you moving towards it.  Motivation will come and go along the way, but don't let it start you and stop you.   You're the one…

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