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Most people are in avoidance mode. They can't be bothered, or they are lazy, or don't want to go out of their way. People that take initiative will ride to the top.  They call out problems and look for solutions.  They roll up their sleeves and do something about it. …

Five Pillars of Healthy Aging

This list comes to me from my Aunt Donna who lives in Jacksonville FL.  She is 82 and lives an active life with her 87-year-old husband Stewart.  She worked as a nurse and director of nursing facilities until she was 75.   Here are her five pillars of healthy aging - …

You must do what you think you cannot do.

Would it be satisfying to do something that you thought you could not do? What would that do to your thinking after that? Growth lies outside of our comfort zone.  By definition, growth is doing things we haven't done before. We create our own boundaries.  Who said you couldn't do…

The superpower state of your mind

Focusing - it's your superpower to use or ignore. You can't accomplish anything meaningful with your mind wandering, scrolling, and in constant distraction. Do you focus your mind on something important each day?

Yes means no.

You only have so much time.   When you say yes to something, you are saying no to all the other things you could be spending that time on. Say yes to something by all means - to the best uses of your time. Say no to much, by choosing your…

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