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What I learned in Dubai, Part 4 – Borrow Brains

There are two million citizens in Dubai.  Two million people would never be able to build what they have by themselves in such a short time.  So they outsource the work.  They get engineers, and workers and talent from all over the world to work on their projects. Right now…

What I learned in Dubai, Part 3 – Going big

The leaders in Dubai wanted to build a destination that would attract tourists so when they ran out of oil, they'd have a future.  It's clear to me when seeing what they have done and continue to do, that they had a clear goal. In only 20 years they built…

What I learned in Dubai, part 2 – Leadership

When you look around and see success, you have to know it was no accident and it wasn't easy.  It comes from the mind of man coupled with his sheer will and determination, with countless problems solved along the way. There were three leaders, called Sheiks, that have ruled since…

Who dressed you this morning?

People take you at your word for who you are.   They are not going to argue with who you say you are. You say to the world who you are by how you dress (and groom).

What I learned in Dubai

Marie and I went to a couple of different places for our honeymoon.  Dubai was one of them. I didn't know much about Dubai.  I couldn't point to it on a map, didn't know if women needed to cover their faces, or if it was really safe.  I had heard…

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