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What growth feels like

You aren't sure how this is going to go.  You feel nervous.  Anxiety.  You're asking questions (a little frantically) to save your own skin.  You're a little (or a lot) scared.  You might second guess and want to go back or quit.  Butterflies. This is what growth feels like.  Stick…

Self-limiting beliefs

If we have beliefs that are untrue, (and I believe we all do), they can hold us back for a lifetime. It's like having your foot on the brake of your progress. What do you think is true, that if you really looked at it, is not?

Dysfunctional parts of our economy

Yesterday we talked about two things that must be present to have a dynamic marketplace that puts out great products and services for us; we consumers.  In doing so we get to live an ever greater standard of living for less work on our part, as enterprises get better and…

Is working harder the secret? (Answer)

Last week I asked this question and asked for your comments on the subject.  Many of you did comment.  I said I'd give my thoughts the next day, but I never did!  So here goes. The best system for raising people up is one where people are free to pursue…

Think Daily by Larry Janesky

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