Think Daily by Larry Janesky

Some of us live mostly in the past, letting what happened have a strong influence on today, and their identity. If the past, or parts of it are not good, then there is a strong argument to change your habits of thinking to let it go.  The first part of…

Know Value

Know value.  Know what things are worth to who and where. Until you know the value, everything is worthless. When you know the value, everything is valuable.

See! It's true!

Do you realize that if you search something on YouTube, watch it and "like" it, it will feed you more videos fo the same idea, the same position, the same viewpoint?   All of a sudden the world is validating the point of view you had in the first place. You…

Endurance Training

If you do some physical training and push yourself to do it for a long time, you will have more mental stamina. Running, biking, working physically...push it for longer than you want to. You'll build mental toughness and your other problems will get smaller as you get stronger.

How much time did that cost?

The real measure of prosperity is time.  Do you have time, ultimately your most precious finite resource, to do what you want? If we produce value that we can get paid for in a reasonable percentage of our time, we have some money.  But if we consume too much relative…

The Optimists Always Win

In 1798 a really smart thoughtful respected guy, Thomas Malthus, concluded that the planet could not feed the growing population and that soon, humans would starve.  It was dire and freaked people out.  He was wrong. When I was growing up, we worried about an inevitable nuclear war with Russia. …


What did you learn that is hurting you? What did you learn and accept as true, that is holding you back now? People are... I can't... I'm no good at... The world is... I should worry about... I'll never... Pick something.  What one thing did you learn and believe that,…

Lives are made up of moments

We can only live, dream, create, decide, love, and experience here, now. Decades are made of years, years of weeks, weeks of days, days of hours, hours of moments. How many decades do we get?  We don't know. Make the moments count.  Make them rich.  

You are not independent

While we like to think we are self-sufficient and independent, it's not hard to see that we are very very far from it.  To experience our standard of living takes the work of millions, maybe billions of people. Look around you right now.  Everything you see uses materials that are…

Break free from the old, to create the new

When we are small children, everything is new.  Then we start to create our identity, our self-concept and self-worth, chose a career path and have deep relationships.  Things happen to us - maybe good at first, and then they go bad.  Maybe there is some trauma.   We have all these…

Think Daily by Larry Janesky

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