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Will everyone see this email?

If it's inflammatory, stupid or insulting - maybe they will! Don't put anything in an email that will embarrass you in the future.  Assume the whole world will see your email.  

New Podcast!

My friend Zach Cohen who runs a Junkluggers franchise in Manhattan and has over 100 employees started a podcast recently.  He interviewed me - and here is the episode!

Scarcity conciousness

Scarcity consciousness is thinking that there isn't enough to go around; that more for them is less for me. It's believing in lack, versus abundance. Scarcity consciousness breeds envy, jealousy, and thoughts of unfairness and injustice.  Often it can be used, consciously or unconsciously, as an excuse for not doing…

Victim Thinking

There seems to be a lot of this going around today - "I am a victim". Are there real "victims" in the world - yes.  But what many point to in order to prove it is just an excuse or failure to take responsibility. Declaring you're a victim of some…

Limitation thinking

Here's the thing about people - we created our own limits. We're like the elephant tied to a stake who can just pull it out if we knew we could.  But we don't really know we can - until we do it. Never having done something before is no indication…

Courage drives growth

Being scared and acting anyway means you are about to grow. It's a sign that your progress is about to accelerate. You will have a breakthrough, or learn something, or lose the fear that's been holding you back. Just because you are afraid, doesn't mean you shouldn't do it.

Health is a vehicle not a destination

Being healthy is like having the vehicle to do everything else you want to do while you are here. If you lose the vehicle, then you aren't going to do much. The time to think about that is now and always.

Don't feel like it?

Do it and you will. You can't run your life based on what you feel like doing. Feelings - behaviors - Identity.  That won't get you good results. Run it from identity.  I am _______.  I see myself as________. Identity - behaviors - feelings.

Think Daily by Larry Janesky

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