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The wealth gap

There is a lot of talk about the "wealth gap" today, and I wanted to give my views on it. First, it makes sense that there is one (in fact there MUST be one), and it should be growing.  Let me unpack this. How to make money is known, and…

Willingness to listen

Often young people enter "the age of infinite wisdom" and become unwilling to listen to anybody.  You know, where they know what they are doing and nobody can tell them otherwise. Some people stay in this state their whole lives, and others may stay in it in some measure, or…

Heavy load

Being heavy-hearted or heavy-minded is not about adding something that is going to make you happy - it's about letting things go that you don't need. What did your mind press "save" on that you need to press "delete" on now?

Perseverance to succeed

Here is a quote from Admiral William McRaven -  "I believe history will show that success is not just a function of brains or brawn, or talent or intellect, of skill or resourcefulness, but of perseverance. Genius without resolve is just another passing person with a bright idea.  Athletic prowess…

Crimes of our fathers

If my grandfather committed a crime, should I be held responsible? If your father commits a crime, should you go to jail? If you commit a crime or a moral sin, should your children be held responsible? If offenses were committed against your great-grandfather, should the criminals pay you for…

Stuck with your opinion?

Do you want to be stuck with your opinion? You probably formed your opinion based on limited information or isolated experiences. You can have an opinion of course, but hold on loosely to it. Stay open.  Keep listening and observing and looking for how your first opinion should be modified.

No one to blame – but yourself

My friend had a sign on the wall that inspired this post.   It said "Looking for someone to blame?  I suggest you look in the mirror and start there." To accept responsibility is to claim your personal power. Not blaming anyone or anything else for your situation is the first…

Attractive packaging

When you package goods attractively, you get more money for them.  You know this is true. Pay attention to your personal packaging because the world accepts you as you present yourself. Nobody argues with who you say that you are.

You're lucky. Pay it forward.

"The secret to life is to be grateful for the many benefits you have received and dissatisfied with how many you've provided. - Dr. Mardy Groethe I understand that my life is as good as it is because of the benefits I have received from countless others- made possible by…

Boys need fathers

"Young men need fathers.  Without fathers they flounder." -Matt Rosenberg In 2021 in Chicago there were 3561 shootings and 800 murders.  The neighborhoods with the highest rate of births to unwed mothers were the same neighborhoods with the highest murder rates. Studies show that two biological parent households, regardless of…

Think Daily by Larry Janesky

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