Think Daily by Larry Janesky
Hot Pursuit

So long as you are in active pursuit of a worthy goal, you are successful. Are you in action each day?  Hot pursuit?

A product of your environment

Chose your environment well.  Shape it and change it so it works for you and supports your moving toward your objective.   And if it doesn't support you, get out of it and into someplace that does. Does that make sense? (Did you just say "But I can't?")

The last of the old you

What decision do you need to make, or action do you need to take, that will make today the last day of the old you, and tomorrow the first day of the better you? Shouldn't you do it today?

Your Choice

Between what happens and how we respond there is a space. In that space we have a choice in what our response will be. Your choice.

What do you do when you don't meet your goals?

Do you give up?  Lower your sights?  You could. I announced it was a goal of mine to have 3500 subscribers to Think Daily by Halloween.  I can only get them from your referrals.  I didn't make it.  We were 40 short.   So I set a new deadline -…

Comfort Zone

If you are comfortable, you are not improving and growing. Are you comfortable?

The Greatest Challenge

It's yourself.  Your daily challenge to improve.  Your daily challenge to bring out the best in your nature.   Be your own friend, and you can meet this challenge. Be a better you today.

"Strong and Harmless"

Would you rather be "weak and harmless" or "strong and harmless"? We need to be strong and harmless because not everyone is strong, and not everyone is harmless.

"No chance of losing"

If you have resolved to yourself that you will accomplish a given result...if you are determined enough...if you have enough desire... "No chance of losing"?  If you say so.

Think Daily by Larry Janesky

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