Think Daily by Larry Janesky
Emotions distort valuations

That why you must be a likable person - so others value you, (your work, your results, your family, your possessions, your opinion) highly. Do other have a positive emotional reaction to you?

Plant seeds with people

Do something nice.  Make them feel welcome and special.  Pay a compliment. No matter how long it takes, seeds of human kindness will grow and bloom. Who will you plant a seed with today?

Concentrated Benefits/Diffused Costs

Groups with a common special interest will fight for their benefit/action from the government.  The government will spread the costs across a much wider population through overt or hidden taxation schemes.  Since it's just a small cost to each (or no cost to the 46% of workers who pay no…

Not inferior unless we say so

There are no inferior brains, only inferior self images. You are worthy.  We all are.  Just as worthy as anyone else.   Tell the children.  Tell yourself.  Often.

Child Labor

In countries where children are working very young in factories: the cause is poverty.  "Should I send my child to work, or send them to bed hungry?"  This is not new.  Children have been working on farms forever. The cure?  Fix poverty. How?  Rule of law, individual liberty, economic freedom…


"Unconquerable" That's me.  That's you. Stand firm. "Invictus"

West of Worry

The liberating part of bad things happening is that you don't have to worry about that happening anymore!  (Assuming nobody was badly hurt or killed of course.) We are well, and not worrying about losing our home!  We know we can deal with that.  I'm also not worried about anything…

High Flight

Our parents shape us.  We learn from them.  They cared for us when we couldn't care for ourselves, and we care for them when they can't.  If it's not your blood parents, it's someone else who fills in.   My Dad died yesterday.  He was self employed as the best…

Think Daily by Larry Janesky

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