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To give is to receive.  A warm smile, a caring question, a gentle hand to the shoulder, a hug, or a caring gesture.  These are the things that make us feel best. Don't forget.

Spend less than you make

No matter how much you make, you can get into a lot of trouble by spending more than that. Learn how to be more valuable and make more if you need to and want to, but always spend less than you make.

Be, Do, Have

Some think that when they HAVE things, then they will DO things, and BE the kind of person they want to be. But that is reversed and won't work. It's Be-Do-Have. When you become the kind of person you need to be, you will do the things you need to…

Becoming more valuable

If you want more value, you have to provide more value. How is your work impacting people, and how many people are you helping?

Does "Social Justice" = Socialism?

The idea behind "social justice" is that everyone is entitled to a certain amount of stuff.  If they don't have it, it should be taken from those that have the stuff, and given to those who don't.  Justice? What amount of stuff everyone should have?  This idea will require a…

Your enemy or your hero

Your greatest enemy is much closer than you think.  It's you. You are more critical of yourself than anyone else is. And you, more than enyone else, are capable of destroying yourself.   But while you are your own worst enemy, you are also your own hero.  Learn to control…

Don't take it personal

People do not do things for or against you.  They act for their own reasons, right or wrong, and you happen to be there. Don't take it personal.

Think Daily by Larry Janesky

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