Think Daily by Larry Janesky
How "useful" are you?

When it comes to serving others,...ok let's unpack that first. Because we live in a society that provides us (the means for survival) benefits and the ability to live a high standard of living, we should contribute to this system that we make withdrawals from, by employing our talents and…

Been to the bottom?

If you have been to the bottom, or started there, you are stronger for it.   Why?  Because you know how to survive there, and how to get out.  You know that if you wound up there again, you aren't the same person as you were before when you were there. …

Thought into action.

This is how you work - It's the nature of thought to find its way into action. All action is preceded by thought. You can control your thoughts. So, what are you thinking about?  

"So open minded your brain falls out"

These days there are some crazy things going on.  "You have to be open-minded" you may hear.   Open mind - fine.  But you can't be completely and forever open-minded to everything.  Based on what you learned by being open-minded, you eventually have to stand for something. I stand for good…

Don't be a carrier of the negative contagion

Recently I was rallying my service team again to sell one of our products at their weekly meeting.  It was our new amazing air purifier.  One of the guys who was the top salesperson for this product, but happen to be in a slump said that "people are holding onto…

Think Daily by Larry Janesky

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