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How do you want to experience the journey?

If success is 99% the journey, and 1% the arrival - how do you want to experience the journey?   What energy are you creating and how do you feel on your way? Learn to enjoy the ride, the problem solving, the learning, the work - because that's what most of…

Put your own mask on first

Like the oxygen mask on a plane you should tend to your own care and mental well being first before you worry about anyone else.  If we are struggling, unhealthy, tired and off our center, we can be of little help to serve anyone else. If we are happy we…

Wonder Drug Available Tonight!

This drug will make you live longer and improve your health.  Do you want it yet?  Well, what if I told you it increases your memory and makes you more creative?  AND, it protects you from sickness and disease, and gives you psychological relief?  Do you want it yet?  Well,…

Who says if you are happy?

You can't make other people happy.  And when your own happiness depends on others being happy, you are going to be a puppet, whose strings are constantly pulled by others. The majority of us suffer from this. Don't place your happiness in others being happy. 

The Root of FOMO

I heard it explained this way - if you were from outer space and visited earth once every 10,000 years and gave a report each time, you'd have said "Semi-hairless apes foraging for food and resources".  You'd have given this report 23 times - for 230,000 years.  The last visit…

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