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Trying to fix everyone's problems?

If we take on too many burdens to make other's lives easier, especially when they won't, we can easily find that we just can't fix all the problems for everyone in the world.  We'd run out of our own time and resources and then we may need help ourselves. "Sympathy…

Do you lie to this person?

Do you keep your word with YOU? How many times do you tell yourself you are going to do this or stop doing that - and then you don't? Keep your integrity with yourself.  If you have to tell others about your commitments and promises to help you keep them,…

Give First

Give people your best - the best version of you and the best commitment to them that you have. When you go first, they will buy/follow/cooperate/respect and feel they want to give their best to you. How about the people you interact with today?

What can YOU do?

Don't think about what you don't have and about your limitations.  Think about what you can do with what you do have and go do it.  The result in and around you will be a step to the next thing you can do.  Proceeding in this way, you can live…

Trust begets trust

I met with a businessperson the other day who I had known of but hadn't really talked to.  He was open and forthcoming with details of his large business.  I found it refreshing and before I knew it I was telling him things about my business that I wouldn't normally…

Think Daily by Larry Janesky

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