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Who's going to stop me?

I decelerated into the dusty lot in front of the little Bella Vista hotel in Valle Trinidad at race mile 110 at 8:11 am.  I was five minutes ahead of my schedule.   My team got me in and out in five minutes and I was gone again.  The math?  807…I’m…

Chapter SEVEN – Falcon Attack

I took off out of my second chase truck stop at mile 74 with seven miles to go to have 10% of the race behind me.  You think about these things in such a race.  Doing math in your helmet is a pastime I developed in Baja, especially in the…

Chapter SIX …One Step Back

“I soon realized that no journey carries one far unless, as it extends into the world around us, it goes an equal distance into the world within us.” – Lillian Smith   I knew my knees were not great.  Running was a key part of my training for these races. …


The course turned into an area called Uruapan.  It was characterized by hills and whoops in the hills, and deep silty sections in the low areas.  In some conditions it was fun – but not these conditions.  At the beginning of the race bikes and ATV’s are clustered together on…

Chapter FIVE – Early Drama

My first stop in the 1000 was a gas pit at Ojos Negros, a little poor dusty town outside of Ensenada.  When I pre-ran this section the kids would chase after me and I always had plenty of race team stickers for them.  The race coming directly through their town…

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