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IQ vs Self-Discipline?

Which do you think is a more important factor in determining success - IQ or self-discipline? We're asking if you'd rather have super smarts and be loose and lazy when it comes to doing what must be done, OR be of average intelligence and have an iron will when it…

The right amount of challenge

If you have no challenges in life, you will be bored and never develop your talents or find our what you are made of.  If you have too much challenge you'll feel stressed and experience failure often, and feel you have no control. The right amount of challenge makes life…

Power in the present

We can not undo the choices we have made or the hurt we have caused, but we can change the future - through the power we have in the present moment.  We can control the choices we make right now. What attitude, action, state, and behavior can you take right…

Immovable objects

A most important practice is differentiating between what we can change and what we can not; what we have influence over and what we do not.   The time spent hurtling yourself at these immovable objects is time not spent on the things we can change. Are you spending time trying…

You can remake yourself

A glorious thing about being human is that we can remake ourselves.   Because our past has been dark does not mean our chances are dim. Whatever our past, whatever our present, the sky is bright for us because we can remake ourselves.  

Think Daily by Larry Janesky

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