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Angry footprint

Just as you should not talk to anyone when you are angry, you should not post on social media for the same reason.  You're going to say something you can't take back - and it is there forever. Ask "does this help both me and others?"  If not, don't put…

Worry – Part 2

Next month I will be at the starting line of the longest non-stop cross country race in the world in my third attempt to finish it solo on a dirtbike, and be the oldest person of fewer than fifty riders to ever accomplish the feat. For the months before the race,…


When you are living a bad outcome before it happens, you worry and cause suffering for yourself.  If you think about it vividly and put emotion behind it, your mind and body don't know the difference between the real event and your imagined one.  You are doing damage to yourself.…

The wrong road?

"No matter how far down the wrong road you are, turn back." - Turkish Proverb Is there an area of your life where you are going down the wrong road?  Going farther won't help.   Turn back today.

A Scout is…

Trustworthy Loyal  Helpful Friendly Courteous Kind Obedient Cheerful Thrifty Brave Clean Reverent This is the Scout Law.  I learned this there.  And now that I think of it, I don't recall any discussion of being "loyal" or "trustworthy" or "brave" in school.  And since people don't learn these things in school, where…

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