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Show up!

Get in the game.  Put your name in the hat.  Be there just to learn.   Most people won't. But then again, you aren't like most people....are you?

Nothing to lose

Why do we not go for it and be our best selves and live our best lives? Fear.  Fear that by not fitting into and going along with a mediocre world that we will be ridiculed, or that we may fail. But the reality is we have nothing to lose. …

Be the exception

Being the exception means you don't do everything others do.  It means you do different things.  You do things differently.  You do what others won't.  You see things others don't see.  You pursue what most don't.  You believe things about yourself most won't.   Being the exception means you live a…

A cranky world?

Did you ever notice that when you don't have enough sleep that the world gets uncooperative, difficult, dumb and impatient? Could it be mirroring you?

Think Daily by Larry Janesky

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