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The starting point of all achievement.

Desire.  Without a desire to accomplish something, it is not possible for you. With a strong burning desire, you can and will figure out the rest. What do you really really want?

Obsessive Focus

When you are lukewarm about things and spread your time across many casual pursuits, you won't accomplish much worth talking about a year from now. But with an obsession-like focus, it's is amazing what you can accomplish.  Just about anything... Obsession.  Focus.

How big are you?

Got a big challenge?  A big problem?   Decide you can handle it.  Decide that you will overcome it.  Decide that you are smart enough, tough enough, and committed enough to handle it.  Decide you will not suffer over it. That major factor as to whether you can handle it and…

Think Daily by Larry Janesky

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