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Fail forward

"I tried it and it didn't work." Ok, you are smarter now because you know that when you do that in that way, it doesn't work.   Now get on with it and try it again, smarter!  Or go a different direction based on what you know.  There is no success…

You stressed you out.

When there is too much stress and worry in your life, you can look outward for the solution, but it won't help; at least not in a meaningful or lasting way.  For example if we blame others, we can absolve ourselves from responsibility, but now we are just angry at…

Change your mind, change your life.

Most people have created a mental construct of what they can do and stay in the fence they built. The limits are self-constructed and self-imposed.  They are not real unless you say they are real. Change your mind, change your life.  

Think Daily by Larry Janesky

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