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There is nothing wrong

Did you expect there would be no pain, no failure and no struggle in this life?   There is nothing wrong.  It's part of the journey.  Use it and move on with what you now know - stronger and smarter.  

You make your own limits

There are limits of course, but they are WAY beyond the ones you have constructed and accepted for yourself. Stop being your own limitation.  Take your foot off the brake.

Be the best version of the imperfect you

"We are all worms.  But I do believe I am a glow worm." - Winston Churchill None of us is perfect and you will not be the first.  We all make mistakes, do dumb things, and screw up. Of course, we need to get smarter, more virtuous and more disciplined.  …

Chapter Twenty One – Redemption

I made the last turn.  People lined the streets.  I could see men standing in front of the podium.  When they saw me, they erupted.  I was happy for them.  I was happy I did not let them down, for they had come so far. I rolled up the podium…

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