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What do you value MOST?

"I will prioritize what I value most over what I want right now." What you want now is rarely what you value most.  Most people never discover what they value most until it's too late. Where are you leading yourself to?

Being clueless on this subject is good!

If we are to be a high performer we must control our attention. If we are to control our attention we must stay on our agenda, not the rest of the world's agenda. This means saying no to news, much entertainment, infotainment, and all the light goings on of the world. We…

Just say NO

You feel it rise in you.  Anger, jealousy, resentment, envy, hate.... You are human and these emotions are in you for survival in a time that has past. They aren't very useful anymore. Say no to destructive emotions. Recognize that you are better, happier and healthier without them, and let them go…

Two Tasks

You have two essential tasks in life - to be a good person and pursue an occupation that you enjoy and will give your talent fully in service to others. How are you doing on those?  

Think Daily by Larry Janesky

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