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Opportunity Knocks…

If you answer the door, work will be standing there. We all get opportunities.  Small ones at first.   To take advantage of them and get bigger opportunities, you have to do the work.

Had to be there to be here…

You had to be there to be here - right? And your being here is a stepping stone to be somewhere else - right? Your current situation - quicksand or springboard. A choice. It's up to you...

Ripples across humanity

The other day I was going into a diner and a woman was coming out and said "Hey I know you!  I get your messages every morning and I really love them.  I have a business and I have used all your ideas."   I didn't know her, and maybe I'll…

Pain can be a gift

Pain can be a gift.   "Damn it!  I'm pissed off enough to make the change in myself I need to but haven't!" Hurt enough yet?

Think Daily by Larry Janesky

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