Think Daily by Larry Janesky
Human Dignity

Earning money or a thing provides a sense of dignity, unlike being given money or a thing because you need it.   How do you feel about this? 

Day Man

"Day man, fighter of the night man, master of the sun." Fight the darkness.  Stay positive.

Tick, Tick, Tick – Clock or Bomb?

By keeping interest rates artificially low, the federal government can keep spending (to win elections) without paying much interest.  By printing money, the government can pay for some of it - but because there are more greenbacks out there, it reduces the value of the dollar - bad news for…


"Happiness, in the Aristotelian sense of a life well-lived, must be achieved.  You cannot be entitled to be happy.  Happiness must be earned.  Only free people who can create a sense of purpose for themselves, follow their beliefs, and pursue their own truths can achieve happiness.   Being free does…

Our Strongest Opponents

Our external opponents are feeble compared to our internal ones - because we have given the internal ones permission to oppose us.

"Artificial Unintelligence"

The "news" and television in general dictates the national public conversation - talking about stuff that doesn't affect 99.9% of us and hijacking our mind share thinking about dumb stuff. I chose to use my mind for more productive things that take me toward my goals.  How about you?

Capitalism and Poverty

The fight FOR limited government, free markets, property rights, the rule of law and capitalism, and the fight AGAINST poverty are one in the same fight. Can you see that?

Key player

The more you accomplish important tasks at work, the more important tasks you will be given to accomplish, and the more valuable you will be to your employer. Are you the go to guy (or girl?)?

Spending time

It takes just as long to be a success by age 50 as it does to be a failure with a low paying job by age 50. You have the time.  What are you doing with it?

Think Daily by Larry Janesky

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