Think Daily by Larry Janesky
Election Day

On election day, I think it's helpful to remember this quote by Warren Buffet -  "Diapers and politicians require regular changing - and for the same reason."  


Being thankful and appreciating what you have in your life is a sure way to attract more. What are you grateful for?

Supply and Demand in Jobs

If a lot of people do what you do, or can do what you do, you won't get paid a lot. If you do something that creates value and is in demand, that not a lot of people do or can do, you will get paid more than other people.…

Why do we get paid?

We get paid for bringing value to the marketplace.  It takes time, but we don't get paid for the time.  We get paid for the value we bring. What you need to figure out is how to bring more value in less time.  

A crock pot, not a microwave

You don't ignore your own development everyday for years and then go to a multi-day seminar to fix it.  Personal growth is an ongoing process.  It's a habit woven into your daily schedule, over and over. Do you read, listen, learn or teach each day?

Regretting what you didn’t do

When you're old and sitting in your rocker, you're not going to say "I shouldn't have done that" so much.  More likely you'll say "I SHOULD have done _____________ and _________________". Now's the time.  What is it?


You can do anything.  You just can't do everything (at least not at once). Choose.

Think Daily by Larry Janesky

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