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Be nice

There's lots of reasons to be nice in any circumstance.  If we harm others, it will wreck our own self interest. What comes around...

What fills you up?

There's something you do that makes you feel good about yourself - that day and the next.   What makes you proud of you? Do more of it.

What is “Libertarian”?

You probably know what Democrats and Republicans are.  There was a time when I didn't know what libertarian was.  It sounded like "liberal".  (In the rest of the world the words "classic liberal" means what "libertarian" means here in the US.) Libertarians believe in individual freedom, free markets, limited government,…

How old are you?

Are you where you expected you'd be?  In ten years from now, where will you be?  Will you be where you expect to be then? There aren't many decades to waste.  Better get going.

Who’s “the man”?

Who's the big out of control leviathan?  Is it me, or has the "stick it to the man" (corporations) crowd become "the man" (big government controlling money confiscated from others)?  

Try it

Going places you haven't been.  Talking with people you haven't talked to before.  Trying sports, food, entertainment, work, and hobbies you haven't tried.   When we do things we haven't done before, our world expands.   What new thing can you do this week?

Building blocks of greatness

The big results come from all the small unglamorous, uncelebrated steps you take over days, weeks and months.   Are you taking steps toward your larger dream, vision or goal today and this week?

Act like everyone is watching

I've done things I shouldn't have.  I've done stupid things, and unproductive things.   But I've NOT done a lot of stupid things that crossed my human mind by remembering this - "Don't do anything you wouldn't want on the front page of the newspaper." I'm getting better.  How about…

Should you support gay rights?

Ask yourself this question - Do you believe that we should discriminate against any minority?  If you were the minority, would you want to be discriminated against?  Do you believe in the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States?  And finally, do you love your freedom? There's…

Think Daily by Larry Janesky

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