Think Daily by Larry Janesky
Buy low, sell high

When it comes to investing, most people get it wrong.  They wait until prices are so high because they have gone up so much, and it seems like they will go up forever, then they buy.  Then things go down, and they fret and hold, hoping they will go back…

Don’t run away

If you want a change, don't run away.  Run TOWARD something better - a distinction that makes all the difference.  

Opponent #1

While we like to look outside for the people/entities/circumstances that hold us back, the reality is that we are what's holding us back.   While our ego doesn't want to hear it, this is good news; because if we don't like our situation, we have the power to change it.…

Set you free

Your habits.  Looking like you were right.  Your way of doing things.  Your little priniciples. What important little things have you allowed to get in the way of the important BIG ones?

How to be a winner

If you know what you want, keep learning, are nice to people, work hard to add value to others lives, and don't give up, eventually you will be successful. That's how it works.

Peace on Earth

Violence in our everyday life is at its lowest point in human history, even considering all current wars and all crimes reported in our efficient media. That's something to be thankful for.

Fund the students, not the schools

Many public schools are good.  But in some are not.  Should we have a society where only the well-to-do can afford a good education for their children? What if we gave the money to the kids and told them they can go to the public school or any other school…

Think Daily by Larry Janesky

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