Think Daily by Larry Janesky
Be what you are

You gotta' be what God made you to be; not what someone else expects you to be. When you are being you, you feel most comfortable, you'll perform better and be happier. Are you being you?

On human tragedy…

I guess if I rise above it, I can see that all this is predictable.  Our frailties, our weaknesses, our social interactions - and there are so many of us. Yet being human is filled with soaring triumphs and devastating tragedies, defined by our own variable emotional interpretations. Still, it's…

One thing leads to another

Go somewhere new, and meet someone new, and talk about something new, then experience something new, then get intererested in something new, and then apply what you learned to something old, to create something new, and on and on it goes...   Pretty soon, you're living a pretty interesting life! …

Freedom and rules

Freedom and rules don't quite go well together.  From our government, our employer, and places we shop, man likes to control other men given the chance.  The more rules there are, the less trust is shown and the less free we feel. When you became leader at the PTA or…

Personal standards

When other people set expectations or standards for you, then you haven't set high enough standards for yourself. Do you begrudge meeting others' standards, or do you meet higher ones you've set for yourself?


Wisdom is Knowledge + Experience + Reflection. We all have some knowledge and some experience.  Take the time to reflect. Did it all go as you had planned?  What were your expectations at the outset?  Did you communicate well?  What could you have done differently or better?  Look at it…

Be good at the right time

You don't have to be good/give it your all/perform well all day - just when it counts. What times of the day do you need to be your very best?

Maturing means changing

One sign of maturity is when what mattered to you yesterday doesn't matter so much now, and what didn't matter yesterday, is starting to matter now. It's normal.  You're still growing up.

Think Daily by Larry Janesky

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