Think Daily by Larry Janesky
All the things I didn't say…

If you want to say something smart, you had better not say everything that comes to your mind. Be your own self screener; because we all think dumb, selfish, wrong, emotionally charged thoughts that are not useful to anyone, including ourselves. Don't let all your thoughts make the verbal cut.

Dreams are easy

Dreaming is easy, and it's free.  You should do it. But making dreams come true is hard work. Are you willing to do the work?

Change the way you look at it.

When you change the way you look at a situation, the situation changes. What is bothering you lately? What new thought about the situation can you create to turn it into something you are happy about, or at least something that doesn't bother you?

Should we aspire to be dependent?

If children do not grow up with character, discipline, and examples of positive ambition around them, it will be very difficult for them to thrive as productive self-actualized independent adults. What can you show or tell children that will become a productive part of who they become?  

The Purpose of Your Life

Without a purpose we can feel aimless.  Chose a path that feels good and right, that makes sense to you, doing something you love. Then set your sights on a goal in that path that is bigger than you are now, and pursue it.  Give it all you've got. When…

What do you think of you?

People will take you at your own assessment of yourself. That is, if you don't think much of yourself, others won't either. What do you think of you?

Strengths can be weaknesses

We all have different ("talents") strengths and corresponding weaknesses.  This is by design because different roles and jobs require different strengths.  However we may have a strength that becomes a weakness when over applied in given situations.   We are easy to get along with - we let people take…

Everyday is precious

I told you to make your bed, but you didn't. I told you to get good grades, but you didn't. I told you to take the trash out, but you didn't. I told you to listen when I said not to bring any pets home, but you didn't. I told…

Think Daily by Larry Janesky

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