Goals – Instructions for your brain

Larry Janesky: Think Daily

Once you set a goal with purpose and clarity, believe in it, and keep it in front of you every day, your mind has something to look for in the world.  It has a mission and will sort information and options according to your goal; bringing you closer each day.

Getting clear is getting started.  

What are you clearly pursuing?


That is a great YouTube video!!!

Mary Lawrence

Cool video Larry!

Lisa Pantaleo

WOW! The video is amazing!!

Darrin Saffell

Congratulations again on your speed record! Great video! Suzie and I are more than ready for the next SOE Live.

Steve clark

Awesome video. Very intense. Great job!!! Living life to its fullest!!!

David Resnick

Great idea my friend!

Gray Wilson

Wow!!!! the video is awesome! I am not sure I would want to try it but I did enjoy watching you do it.

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