The questions are the same…

Larry Janesky: Think Daily

The questions are the same – “What is most important now?”, “Who needs to know I care today?”, “If we keep going like this, where will we be at the end of the year, in two years, five years..?”  “Who do I need on my team to help us get there?”  “How can I make my customers thrilled”?

The answers change. 

Keep asking and acting.


This is extremely strong leadership advice. I wish that there was a way to help people learn to look for small signs of others in distress so that problems didn’t evolve the way that they often do in businesses’. It would help those working feel more connected to others at the workplace too. Could this be something to teach in a super training for managers and owners?

David Resnick

I know who you need on your team! I think you know it too!

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