Done is better than perfect.

Larry Janesky: Think Daily

Completing things is better than laboring over them far past the point of diminishing returns for time invested.

Besides, often you aren’t really sure what perfect is, and by calling something done, you’ll learn faster for the next time.

Perfection is an ideal to push towards in more or less measure, not a requirement that slows and frustrates.

Dave Waldenberg

Larry – I am grateful for Think Daily x 2! Love your spirit and your thoughts. Have a great day!

Mike Mitchell

Grateful for the new year, and each and every day. Absolutely agree that done is better than perfect. Excellence, not perfection is something I strive for. Perfect is good – and a target – but generally not required to move things in the right direction. The pursuit of perfection can be a holy grail that is actually an impediment to progress. I’m grateful for you publishing Think Daily as well.

Jeff Saranich

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Jeff Saranich

That statement is so true. People call me a perfectionist because of the finished product that I`ve labored over for some time. I just tell them the job or (car) is done & done to the best of my ability. They are more than pleased & I`m done & on to the next wit satisfaction. Perfection is in the eye of the beholder. I feell everyone has their own opinion on it. When Its DONE ,I feel great & can move on. Yes I probably get BETTER with every job & I strive to but, I don`t notice it as others may. When I read their testimonials it does make me feel proud though. My point is if I had to have everything perfect in my work ,I would probably be less productive because where does it end? Like you had said ,simply say the job is done!

Gray Wilson

Today I am great full for my team at Quebec Basement Systems , Contractor Nation and Supportworks that all the people involved in making my day so enjoyable!!!!

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