A great vision requires an inspired visioneer

Larry Janesky: Think Daily

You don’t get a great vision from someone who is not inspired and ambitious.  If a leader is comfortable where they are and/or is not inspired by grand ideas/people/and events, they won’t produce an inspiring vision.

You’re the leader.  Are you inspired? 

How do you inspire yourself?  

Bob ligmanowski

How does one know when they are “Trapped in comfortable “ ?
Guessing it’s who and what you surround yourself with?
(That’s a great picture!)

Becky Peck

My biggest motivator is my son! He sets goal, a plan to achieve them and has such dedication and commitment to doing them that he inspires me on a daily basis to stick to my goals.

Michael Vizzoca

You inspire me every time I read your posts!
Keep up the GREAT work you do 🙂

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