Kids understand more than you think

Larry Janesky: Think Daily

“What a child doesn’t receive, he can seldom give later.” – P.D. James

It’s true that young children don’t understand what’s going on in all situations they see adults facing.  But I think kids understand more than we think.  Set examples.  Explain things to them.  Talk about your ambitions and dreams, even if you think they are a bit too young.  

Be an example of kindness, courtesy, forgiveness, bravery, trustworthiness, loyalty, friendliness, and explain your actions along the way.

You’ll not only be a good example to your kids, but you’ll find yourself elevating your behavior to a higher standard because you don’t want to let your kids down.

The two best ways to make the world a better place are to be a productive, healthy citizen who makes the world better, and have children who grow up to do the same.

David Drescher

Great post. Growing up my mother had a wall hanging that stated Children Learn What They Live. Examples as you listed were named with resulting affect on children. I, also, kept a picture of my young children handy while going through a difficult divorce to remind me that I was the example they would see as I worked my way through that difficult time.

Jose Montes

I do believe they are not too young to see and start emulating what they see. Before you now it they are 14 and moving on to high school and asserting their independence. By then, they will carry whatever they have received so far. They can still be shaped but the foundation is important before then.

Aunt Donna

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Aunt Donna

I am very proud of my two children, your cousins Chris and Lisa, whose values I admire. They are hard-working, compassionate, and respect the dignity and worth of others. Proud Mama!


Amen; thank you for more insightful communications – you are so thoughtful to send out inspiring e-mails everyday to those like myself. If we could get more people reading them daily, they would help to build a better society.

Willis Ponds

Great Post Larry! You have hit on both my #1 & #2 goals, Be productive and raise productive children. My two oldest are 15 & 17 and they can already hold their own beside most of my other workers. (and outperform some of them!)

Patricia Villers

This is so true, Larry! They take note of all that we do.
I’m a proud mom of two who are now 31 and 29.

Christopher Grossmann

Thanks for the shout out Larry!
Let’s Go Islanders!!!


Well said!

Jacob Noland

First off, thank you for sharing what you do Larry. You are my mentor in a so many ways.

I am most certainly not a victim but more so I am blessed to have the opportunity to grow up fast based on necessity for survival. I never grew up without food or the base necessities for survival but I definitely lacked anything other than the strive for those basic needs around me.

My circumstances growing up allowed me to grow up fast without regard for most childish things that others and my child have been blessed to partake in and take for granted (the way it should be imho).

I’ve always thought that I’ve seen the ways of people and the world more than most but I’ve learned by being a father it is natural for children to see everything as it is.

They really are us in the younger form and hopefully blessed to to be in a better environment than we had.

In summary, I believe you are correct in believing the little ones are listening to every word we speak and seeing every action we take. I can only do my best to make those experiences as positive and positively impactful as you have for me and so many others.

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