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Larry Janesky: Think Daily

I recently assembled a team of guys to do a project at a property for 4-6 weeks.  Some of the guys I knew, and some I didn’t.  Halfway through the project, we dismissed several guys.  Towards the end, we dismissed two more.  Then we hired two guys permanently.

What made the difference?  Diligence, hard work, and good communication.  The guys who were let go would take most opportunities to stand around when they weren’t being watched.   The guys who were hired permanently were always moving and looking for results and asking “What’s next?”.

It’s pretty simple.  Do more than you are paid for, and you will get more opportunities and eventually be paid for what you do.  There is no other way.  If you do less than you are paid for or only what you are paid for, you will not get a chance to do more and be paid more.

Bob ligmanowski

I had a older contractor friend that would always say “ you have to line that guy up with a 2×4 to see if he’s moving or not! Get rid of him!” He was my “CY” ..I just didn’t know to listen ! There were times I’d come back with materials and my “carpenter” would be fine. I’d ask Marshall, “ where did so and so go?” his comment… “I fired him!”
“Glade to be here “ Larry

Rick Pilarski

This is great my father told me this as a very young man!

Victoria Theobald

To be noticed, do more than the job requires.

William Lindberg

Awesome message. We can all take that advice in all our endeavors.


Go above and beyond … every day. Your rewards will be many.

John LeVan

Posted by the time clock/communications center…….so true. Drive makes the difference, not always skills

Tim Funke

I’ll rephrase that –
If you are underpaid, you will always have options (work/job) If you are overpaid, your boss will always have options.

David Boaz

Excellent advice. Shared on Facebook.

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