When ideas have sex

Larry Janesky: Think Daily

This is a line from the book “The Rational Optimist” which I just finished and highly recommend.

Ideas are powerful.  If someone figures something out or creates a tool using their idea, and I use the idea to solve one of my problems and then make it better…this is how humans got to such levels of prosperity.

Talk about your problems to your team.  Ask for their ideas.  Share yours.  Put ideas together.  Crowdsource answers.  

The answers are there.  Cultivate the best ideas from the world and your team.

Tim Funke

The 3 key words of marketing,
And you get bonus points for using them in that order
But I did have to make sure I read the post thsi morning with that headline 🙂

Samantha Wald

Talk about a catchy title today!!! hahaha

Mike Mitchell

Just ordered “The Rational Optimist” and can’t wait to read it!

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