Three words – who would you like to be?

Larry Janesky: Think Daily

What three words would you like to be more of?

Excited?  Creative?  Open? Loving?  Grateful?  Patient? Present? Bold?  Powerful?  Courageous?

Go ahead and pick three words that the new and better version of you will be.

Now write them down on a post-it note and put them on your bathroom mirror, and in your workplace where you will see them often.  Say them aloud several times a day.  “I am __________.  I am _________. I am _________.”  

Reprogram your hardware, and be you 2.0.


Rick Pilarski

Thanks for the shout out I need to be more patient courageous and creative!!

Tim Garrett

I am already pretty creative, I need to be more bold, outgoing, courageous and assertive! Hey Larry, how would like to see my latest version of my generator outlet? It would be a great product for your Doctor energy saver company.

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