How old do you feel?

Larry Janesky: Think Daily

“How old would you be if you didn’t know how old you was?” – Satchel Paige

Well, what do you say?

Myrsini Papoutsis

Age is just a number. When we have higher frequency vibration and surrounded by positive people that lifts us up and learn and grow from them allows our mind to have plasticity it never stops learning and doesn’t get old. Your blog Larry exercises our mind daily. Thanks for your contribution to the fountain of youth.

Rick Pilarski

34 but my body keeps reminding me I’m 54

Allen Nolt

I feel like about 22 although the facts tell me 27

Dave Schiller

Paige’s enthusiasm was his trademark. Engaging people with enthusiasm. Living and loving with family, friends, colleagues, and customers. No “reaching out” to people but “engaging with” people keeps us young and makes life interesting and fun. And, thankfulness for each day. Pay no attention to age.

Mike Mitchell

57 is the new 35

Lisa Pantaleo

I may be 61 but I feel decades younger most of the time.

matt stevenson

IM 49
my mind feels like im 30
my body feels like im 30
my knees feel like 60

John Gallagher

60 may be my number but doing working like 40 (hey that’s my thinking anyway)
Thanks for all the blogs – especially the earlier one today been looking for that

Paul J. Ney

I don’t care what the number reads on my age. As long as I stay active, exercise regularly, do my cardio and keep a great mindset just because I am 60 I feel and act like I’m in my forties or younger still. Mind over matter. Eat right and live right is the key to happiness with a great bunch of family and friends. Also, a comfortable make a living job to stay afloat. Everything in moderation.

Phillip Hanbury

I agree with all the 60’s guys above. I’ve just been out for a night ride on my dirt bike.
Keep up the good work, young man Larry.

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