Unless you're a solopreneur…

Larry Janesky: Think Daily

If you have 4 employees or more, you don’t get paid for the work you do.

You get paid for the work your team does and the results they get.

Your job today is to build your team’s capability to get better results.

Do you see that as your #1 job?


Mike Mitchell

Thank you for your daily posts. I look forward to them and include these as part of my continual journey to improve myself.

A mind that has been expanded by a new idea, can never return to it’s original dimensions.
Oliver Wendell Holmes


Sets me up for the day Thankyou for being faithful this helps a lot .

Doris Michaels

Congrats on 11 years! I think I read almost every one!!!

Bob Bird

Larry, Congratulations on your winning streak! And a big thank you for these daily words of wisdom and encouragement. Often I’ll forward these to my foremen, or to others by text. I’ve also used your material when addressing our men’s group at church! Thanks, Thanks, Thanks!

Tim Runyon

Our entire team love your thoughts daily. Gives us a lot to strive for.

Thank you LARRY your friends in Indiana!

David Hoh

That’s a great accomplishment. Thank you, keep up the good work.


For me, building teams is far harder than doing the work in the field ever was. Your encouragement and training has been a great source of inspiration and guidance. We love you buddy! Here’s to another 11 years!

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