Goals tell us what to to do today.

Larry Janesky: Think Daily

A person who has no goals is listless, unmotivated, and has little meaning to what they are doing.

A person who has set a challenging mid or long term goal and keeps it in the forefront of their mind knows what to do each day.  Their activities are filled with meaning and energy.

What is your goal?

Myrsini Papoutsis

My goal is to become Dean.

Joanna Bolovinos

Love your daily posts- so positive!


Finding this out 🙂 working on business not in it !


I have goals in each important area of my life. As Earl Nightingale says “Success is the progressive realization of worthwhile goals.” and I work on that daily.

james kong

Thanks for reminding me my goal this morning. When I get to see news on internet, I lose track of time and waste it.

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