Myrsini Papoutsis

Good morning Larry
As high resolution leaders during this covid-19 crisis we should be putting employees first over profits because we can engage and empower our employees to keep them safe and secure in time of crisis which will increase productivity they will have a sense of purpose and profits will increase again.
Professional development in time of crisis is great how many have taken digital marketing course to develop skills they don’t have or done a strategic crisis emergency plan during vuca? I have.
How many have thought of ways of helping others in time of crisis by showing empathy which will inspire and motivate them? I have. How many have thought of a plan for the future after getting thru this crisis? I have.

Gray Wilson

Good morning to everyone in Contractor Nation! Lets all find a way to improve the lives of those that need our help… Today the group From Systemes Soussol Quebec will be meeting via web to stay connected and share strategies to keep sharp and follow up with as many people we can to make our difference. You see the Provincial Government took the approach that all non essential businesses were to shut down on Tuesday March 24 at midnight for a period of at least 3 weeks. Hopefully this will flatten the curve for the Corona Virus to within manageable limits for our health professionals. We will not let this mandatory quarantine flatten our business and will be armed and ready to help as many people as possible as soon as this containment is over. We will continue to follow up, train and look forward to the Contractor Nation Webinar today at eleven am for tips and strategies. see you all there!


Great talk yesterday Larry ! Loved “ the little crystal balls” !! Also thinking about it’s
“ your business” I will be the last one standing if need be !

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