Self Confidence

Larry Janesky: Think Daily

Nobody knows what you’ve been up to, whether you can be trusted, or what your abilities are better than you.  Other people figure that you know you best, and if YOU aren’t confident in yourself, then why should they be?

Prepare, do things you are proud of, and maintain your integrity to yourself and others.  Then, when you are confident in yourself it will show, and others will have confidence in you, too.  

Mike Menasco

I post the daily message outside my cubicle, I think it helps guide people toward a positive direction.

Ryan Beckley

We teach this every day. Thanks

Dan Fitzgerald

Great photo Larry! This was the US National Gymnastics Championships opening ceremony in Hartford a few years ago! Thanks for posting it!!! When it comes to self confidence, he exudes it!

Chris Jennings

I agree with you. But our society would be so much better if friends, co-workers, spouses and siblings took more time to lift each other up, resulting in stronger confidence for everyone.

Jim Brewer

I have a son who is a freshman in High School. I share Think Daily messages with him on a regular basis. I think they need to be shared with all of his teachers.


The other day, I left some instructions to one of my good friends at work with a note of my intention to help him with anything that he needs help with and his happiness was palpable in the air and it filled my heart with warmth.


It surprised me that he didn’t know that it was part of my responsability as a team member and that I am more than happy to do it.


But thinking a little more about it, I think it was the clear explanations of what I did in the past that worked for me and I shared with him that made him smile. People nowadays do not like to teach coworkers because they see a rival in them.

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