Negative Salespeople

Larry Janesky: Think Daily

Negative sales people explian the rejection they get as –

Personal – they don’t like me

Pervasive – this always happens

Permanent – it will never change.

A positive salesperson understands that whether they like you or not people make decisions for their own reasons, focuses on wins not misses, and knows it will get better when THEY do.

Are each of your salespeople positive?

Susan Berman

Yes, our sales people at BBB are extremely positive. We believe in what we do and we don’t call ourselves sales people because we are consultants. We are business relations specialists that work with smart business owners and their staffs to convey to the public the commitment that BBB accredited businesses make each and every day to each and every customer. BBB accredited businesses are committed to excellent customer service, honesty and reliability and they stand behind their workmanship.

Ted Kidd

I think an even better orientation is to count and value “NO’s”.

I’m a huge fan of the Sandler consultative selling system, and one tenent is you get paid for no’s.

You are likely to get a lot more of them, this perspective allows an attitude of gratitude to be created around receiving a no. It also makes committing to no “maybe’s” much easier.

Figure out the value of each NO.

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