Think Daily for Businesspeople by Larry Janesky
Change the world?

Great men and women can change the world.  A business is a perfect vehicle to do so. Will you?

Lead Yourself First

People are watching.  If you can't lead yourself, why then, they may rightly ask, should you lead them? Goals, discipline, improvement, getting out of your comfort zone, leading by example... Are you a good leader (and follower) of you?

Out of "the loop" (Who's loop?)

Someone told me there was a partial government shutdown.  It had been going on for two weeks and I DID NOT KNOW!   I took it as a solid positive sign that I had been controlling my attention well! Do you tune out the noise that is none of your business?

The hard work of alone time

I spend about half my work day alone.  I'm away from others, learning and thinking and writing and deciding. It's work I simply cannot focus on when other people are around.  I'm the leader, and people want to engage me.  If I was an employee, I think I'd have a far…

The Input Age

We have a mobile supercomputer in our pocket, and incoming information all around us.   What is this incessant tsunami of inputs doing to you? Notice.  Decide.  Take charge.

Today – What's your plan?

You're the leader.  You can't go to work without a plan!  If you do you'll be pickled in distraction and at the end of the day you won't be any better off than when you started - and tomorrow and the next day and next week will look the same…


Everything about your business sends a signal to your employees, prospects and customers.   The quality of the business card sends a signal. If there is a mess around the coffee maker each day - it sends a signal. If the shop is disorganized, and good materials are getting thrown away…

Commodities Are Cheaper Than Ever

Are we running out of resources?  In 1968 Stanford University Biologist warned that population growth would result in the exhaustion of resources and global catastrophe.  University of Maryland economist Julian Simon, in contrast, argued that humans would innovate their way out of resource shortages.  He believed that people were the "ultimate…

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