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Advice for the young at heart

When our kids are young, (or when we were), we thought we could do anything.  We didn't know why we couldn't yet.  We were naive.  Sometimes we get caught up in trying to educate or protect others and we tell them all the reasons they can't.  If they believe us,…

Fear of what might happen

We let fear stop us.  Most of the time it's fear of what bad thing might happen.  It's kind of crazy when you think about it - we are afraid of what hasn't happened. Never give your power away to something that hasn't happened.  

We are the world

Our "world" (block, community, city, nation) is the sum of the actions of its individual citizens.  To work on the world, is to work on us.  To work on us is to work on the world. If each citizen was loving, productive, responsible, educated, and trustworthy - how bad could…

You CAN fix stupid (mostly).

Bad, stupid and slothful behavior has negative consequences.  It should.  It's the universe giving a person feedback - "stop doing that". If lawmakers relieve us from this feedback, (bail out corporations, allow people to declare bankruptcy and walk away (personal bailouts), forgive mortgages and student loans, pay people on welfare…

Your Story of Woe

Things happened.  They happen to all of us.  That's not so much the problem.   What we make these events mean to us is often more the problem.  We carry all that pain, guilt, anger, embarrassment, and disappointment with us - and we project it into the present and future…

We get what we deserve

With few exceptions such as some accidents and some disease, we get what we deserve.  Like right now. If we aren't getting what we want, we must change what we are doing and who we are being so that we deserve it, and then it will come.

The Arc of Life

Where are you on it?  Do you feel you have done the things you were put here to do? When will you fulfill your purpose?

Think Daily by Larry Janesky

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