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Why we want the income gap to INCREASE

People at the bottom earn zero.  Zero will always be zero, and there will always be people who do things or don't do things that cause them to earn zero.  (This is not to say we shouldn't help and teach them so they can produce more than zero). At the…

Self Confidence

Nobody knows what you've been up to, whether you can be trusted, or what your abilities are better than you.  Other people figure that you know you best, and if YOU aren't confident in yourself, then why should they be? Prepare, do things you are proud of, and maintain your…

Urgency and Deadlines = Productivity

If a flood was coming, you get the sandbag wall built NOW.  If you're having a party tomorrow night, you get the house clean NOW.  If the paper is due tomorrow, you get it done NOW.  It's amazing what you can get done when you HAVE to.   But the…

Leadership begins with you

If people see that you can't manage your own affairs, you can't put clean trouble free days together, have bad habits, and don't take care of yourself, then why would they follow you, give you more responsibility, or give you a leadership position? Lead yourself first.

No Pressure, No Growth

"A gas or a liquid or a person will move from areas of high pressure to areas of low pressure" No pain, no gain.  No discomfort, no action. In the future we can look back and recognize what's happening now as a gift. How are you going to eliminate the…


Do the things you know you need to do. When is now a good time?

Who are my mentors?

I get this question often.  I never went to college - so whom did I learn from?  While there are hundreds or thousands of authors I've listened to or read, let me tell you some of my favorites so you can get their work, too. Jim Rohn and Earl Nightingale…

Rolling toward your goals

I lived 21 minutes from my office for ten years.  Then we moved and I still lived 21 minutes away in the other direction. I listen to audiobooks in my vehicle all the time.  It's time that I'm alone, uninterrupted, where I can absorb the words of others. Twenty-one minutes…

Think Daily by Larry Janesky

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