Think Daily by Larry Janesky
Limitations of sight

Because what we can see around us is limited, does that mean the world is limited?   Most things we can't see from where we stand.  Put yourself in a place to see what you want to see. Create what you want to see around you.   Draw from your…

Increasing capacity to understand

If your were shown algebra in first grade you wouldn't get it. But as you learned basic math step by step, you were able to use it to understand more. And so it is with anything you want to learn.  By learning what you can, you can use your new…

Unequal progress

Human beings have been around for thousands of years, and in that time all or nearly all have lived in what we'd all "poverty".  Can 7 billion of us (learn how to and) lift ourselves out of poverty in just a couple hundred years?  Not likely at all. If a…

Figuring yourself out

Understanding how and why you think and do what you do is important to making the changes you need to to be the person you want to be. Our intelligence is sufficient enough to understand itself.  You just have to want to and try. Do you understand the how and…

It's what's inside

"I am better than everyone else", "I am not as good as everyone else" - it's the same mistake. Don't develop your feelings about yourself and the world from comparisons to others.  Look inside instead.  That's where your value, spirit and peace can be found.

Maturing can be hard

Learning valuable lessons can be difficult, and feel a whole lot like defeat, humiliation or embarrassment. Don't worry - you're getting better.

Don't argue for your problems

When you argue for your problems you are getting on their side in defeating you.  Don't argue that they are large, insurmountable, and ever present - unless you intend on letting them beat you. Victim or Victor?

What holds us back now

In the past it may have been lack of resources, infrastructure or opportunity, that we were a minority, not in the ruling or privileged class, or no access to information. Now, it's none of those things.  Now it's only one thing.  Us. No excuses.

Voluntary Progress

You don't have to learn new things to make yourself more valuable and productive and relevant.  But you don't have to have job security, make more money and have a better lifestyle either.

UUN- Useless United Nations

The UN is corrupt, wasteful and harmful to human rights and world peace.  For one example they could have easily stopped the slaughter of 800,000 innocent people in Ruwanda.  They chose not to. Darfur was/is next. It's time to stop funding it (8 billion a year from the US alone…

Think Daily by Larry Janesky

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