"You've come a long way baby"

Larry Janesky: Think Daily

“Life is so subtle that sometimes you barely notice yourself walking through doors you once prayed would open. – Brianna Wiest

Often we look at the road ahead to our goals or a “perfect life” as we may define it, and can get overwhelmed at how far we need to go and how much we need to do.  But look at it from the opposite position this morning. 

Where did you start at age 17?  How far have you come?  What have you accomplished?  What have you learned?  Who have you become?

Isn’t that something? 

Congratulations. Keep going!

Bob Weickgenannt

Great stuff Larry!

Brandon Carr

Thank you!

Patrick O'Toole

I love this, a great way to stay reflect positively and keep going!

Patricia Villers

Thank you for the reminder of how far I’ve come!

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