Wherever you go, there you are.

Larry Janesky: Think Daily

Problems?  Move away.  Get a new job.  A new partner.  A new house.  (Sometimes those things are key but..)

You can’t escape you.

Your habits.  Your thinking.  How you process information.  Your attitude and mindset.

From the inner – the outer.

Work on you – first.

Jack Giacobbi


Wes martin


Dustin Coffey

Hello and Good Morning!!!

Kathy Smith

Hello from The Junkluggers Appointment Center!
I hope you have a fabulous day!!!

Charlie mccarthy

Hello , have a great day

Josh Cohen

Hi! I agree and I’ve seen this happen firsthand. Thanks Larry!

Jeff Russell

Good Morning Larry– Thanks for leading us, I appreciate that you are you!


HELLO ~! Thank you for my morning inspiration! Have a great day!

Patricia Aronica

Hello Contractor Nation, Thank you for all you do Larry. Have a Wonderful day.

Michael Delmolino

Good morning LJ!

Matt Warner

Hello Larry and all of CN!

Chad Goodhue

Hello Larry!
Thank you for Contractor Nation. It has changed my business and life.
Thank you.

Brandon Carr

And this is great news. It’s easier to change ourselves than it is to change others.

Mike Mitchell

Good morning and hope that your year is off to a great start.

Anthony Minchella

My current habits are perfectly designed for my current results. Change my habits change my results. Great posts Larry.

Patricia Villers

Good morning! This is so true. Thanks for the reminder.

Liridon Trepca



HELLO! Working on you is critical to moving past the bumps in all parts of our lives. Had a few a decade or so ago, worked hard on me and its all in my permenant past!


Hello Larry!!

Patrick O'Toole

Hey Larry! This is such a great reminder, I don’t think enough people are able to put themselves under the microscope and see what really makes them tick. Having a true understanding of how you yourself function is priceless.

Jim (Cabe) Burlison

Hello Larry!



Steven Tetreault

Hello Friend!

Marsha Reynolds

Well Larry I so appreciate reading your blogs. Such a straightforward approach. I always remember, learn and laugh. Love the amazing moments of clarity.

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