Learn from your mistakes

Larry Janesky: Think Daily

What mistakes have you made lately?  I made a few.  Sometimes they are small and sometimes they are big ones – you know the ones that had you going down a path for months or even years before you learned that you had to turn back.  Those hurt.  Time invested, wrong expectations shattered, and wasted resources.

But that’s what life is if we are getting better.  We learn from our mistakes.  Of course, it’s always better to learn from someone else’s mistakes; it’s cheaper and faster and doesn’t hurt much.  That’s why we read and observe. 

When you see someone who made a big mistake, ask about it if you can.  What were they thinking in the beginning?  Why did they do it?  What information did they have and not have?

“All in the dark we grope along, and if we go amiss, 

We learn at least which path is wrong, and there is gain in this.” – Ella Wheeler Wilcox

Brandon Carr

“I never lose. I either win or learn.” ― Nelson Mandela

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