Goals give us the opportunity to define what we want

Larry Janesky: Think Daily

What is your goal for this year?  This month?  This week?  Five years?  Ten years?

In other words, what do you want to accomplish or be by when?

Most people have no real goals that stretch them.  They seek to blend in, doing what is expected of them and not letting anyone down.  But to really exercise your talent you have to break from the pack and do something not many are doing.  To be exceptional is literally to be the exception.

You have been given the gift of being here at all, especially at this time and this place.  This is your chance.  You do not have an unlimited amount of time.  In fact, you will only be this age once.  That’s it.

Sitting down and really thinking about what it is that makes you happy, and what you have some natural disposition for is important.  It gives you a purpose.  If it’s something the world needs you may make great money at it.  Then set goals around you accomplishing or learning and moving forward to milestones.  Set time limits.  Write it down and put it on your bathroom mirror so you can see it first thing in the morning and last thing before you go to bed.  Give your mind something purposeful to work on.

Of course you’ll need energy and self-discipline to continue the pursuit long after the enthusiasm you had when you set the goal has left you.  

High achievers and high performers have a long string of goals accomplished, which allow them to set bigger ones.

Goals never go out of style.  What are yours?

Patrick O'Toole

Small, realistically attainable goals keep me going! On the small scale, it can be as simple as “Make it through today”, and on the larger scale, I’ve lost 90lbs of my 120lb goal! All the while, I do what I can to further my career and prove myself as a crucial part of my team. We have the potential to do so much if we set attainable goals and then actually WORK TOWARDS THEM! You need to put in the work!

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