Be Your Own Hero

Larry Janesky: Think Daily

Recognize your own ability to heal, live a great life, do wonderful things and be happy.

Be your own hero and you’ll always have one you can count on.

Michael P Anselmo

Thank you Larry for all you do. Needed that today!

Mike Mitchell

I am grateful for freedom. It is one of our greatest gifts. In my comment on your other post I expressed optimism about the economic future. I am really concerned about freedom. Too many, it seems to me, are willing to accept temporary free things in exchange for what will likely be permanent concessions of freedom. I hope that I am wrong about this!

Patricia Villers

I’m grateful for freedom too. Thank you, Larry, for the daily inspiration.

Patrick O'Toole

I thank you for this reminder, it is definitely something I need to remind myself more often! I’m going to print this out and put it somewhere I’ll see it every morning.

Chris Jennings

Leaving shortly for New Hampshire to do some snowmobiling. Your timing on this was perfect! Thank you, Larry!

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