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Years ago I read a book called “The Strangest Secret” by Earl Nightingale.  He explained the “strangest secret” was that we become what we think about most of the time.  He wasn’t the first to discover or even describe this idea.  It’s in the Bible and many other places.  “As we thinketh, so shall we become.”  

It’s true.  In fact that is how we learn.  We go to school or read a book and we are presented with information and ideas, and we believe them.  If we study to be an engineer, we will begin to think like an engineer and find ourselves doing what engineers do, because we have paid attention to that subject for a lot of our time.

Over these last 11 years, I have talked a lot about what we pay attention to on Think Daily.  It’s important to understand how we work, so we can create our best life on purpose.

What if you spent a lot of time at a place where people you were there to listen to or people you respected peppered you with ideas of how society ought to be?  What if you watched a given news station that gave you what opinions you ought to have – every day.  What if they told you how society was unjust in a given way and gave examples over and over again?

We become what we think about.  And we think about what we put into our cameras and microphones (eyes and ears).  Most of us are running someone else’s program and we’ve become the product – consumers…voters…

Understanding what is happening here is the first step to taking charge of your own programming.  If you do take charge of what you do and do not pay attention to, you can become anything you want.  You create your own experience on this earth.

God gave you the hardware.  The software you run is up to you.


I needed this today! Thank you!

Lori Ajekigbe

Really enjoyed this! Thank you! =)

Ed Clarke

Refreshing vision..

William Lindberg

Amen to that. Thanks for the book recommendation. Be blessed today.


Thank you Larry for your always inspirational daily blogs, always has me thinking.
Big shout out to Jamie Hammer for helping me cancel our hotel reservations for Jamaica!!! After being on the phone for an hour and a half, I decided to go to the “GO TO” person for Contractor Nation!! Thanks again Jamie!!

Liridon Trepca

This is definitely needed in today’s society. It’s easy to fall into the trap of having someone else think for you and change your ideologies.

Brandon Carr

We are our own programmers.

Lary Pincince

Thanks, Larry I find myself flipping off the news more these days because of the rhetoric… and thinking about my own priorities.

Steven Ferguson

Very good Larry, well put.

Patrick O'Toole

A fantastic way to look at this, the idea of changing programming doesn’t sound as intimidating as changing the way I think about things!

Willis Ponds

Thanks again Larry for your words of wisdom! There are some super powers in our country right now that are capitalizing on that very truth to push their world view on other people. It is critical that we analyze what we think periodically to see if we have been adversely influenced into believing a lie! Unfortunately most schools these days teach people what to think instead of how to think. Thank God I was home-schooled!

David Starrett


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