Would you like to work on my team?

Larry Janesky: Think Daily

I have never asked my Think Daily audience if anyone would like a career opportunity with my company, but I thought, why not?

My organization has many divisions, collectively called “Contractor Nation”.  We have offices pretty much everywhere in the US and Canada, and we own or are partners in many of them.  We are very organized in selling home improvements and repairs to homeowners and have pioneered so much to make the business a great one.  

We have a team of nearly 1000 employees on our payroll and many thousands more on our dealer’s teams.  We can use people who are winners in Sales, Sales Management, Production and Service Management, and Leadership.  We have programs to train anyone with and for leaders to follow.  

My ask is not because we don’t have many great people – to the contrary, we have so very many.  It’s because we have been growing so fast!  We currently have openings in locations in so many cities.  Atlanta and Charlotte (in particular), North Carolina, Buffalo, New Jersey, Nashville, and many other places.

If you are a salesperson and want to join a winning team, an average salesperson makes $100,000 a year here, and a great one 2X or more – and we provide the leads and set the appointments for you!  If you are a leader looking to lead a department or even a branch as part of a winning team with all the resources and successful history for you to draw from, this could be for you!

No matter where you are geographically if you are a pro salesperson or a leader who can rally a great team, reach out to us to see what the opportunities may be for both of us! 

Contact Kathy Richardson at [email protected]




I am on your Team, Larry. It is just that I,m in South Africa. 🙁

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