Larry Janesky: Think Daily

You want X.  

Your goal is X.

What is interfering with you accomplishing your goal?  

Honestly, is it in you, or outside of you? 

What if you took your foot off the brake and removed it?

How?  When?

Michael Laskowski

I am thankful for Think Daily!

Mike Mitchell

I too am grateful foe the Constitution. It is an amazing document. I am reacquainting myself with it with a reading of it and some essays of the founders under the structure of a Hillsdale College course. It is intriguing.

Louise Brown

Me, too! Our founding fathers had incredible wisdom!

Brian Snyder

Thank you for the fantastic training event on Gutter Shutter Larry. It was extremely helpful and thorough. Hope your knee is healing well sir.

Liridon Trepca

It’s easy to lose track of your personal goals, balancing and time management is key.

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