Cameras and Microphones

Larry Janesky: Think Daily

Your brain is a processor, but it needs inputs to process.  For this, it has cameras (eyes) and microphones (ears) to gather information to work with.

What is the quality of the information you are taking in?  What are you watching/looking at/reading/ listening to?

Don’t abuse yourself by putting low quality in.

Dave Willett

This is good stuff 👊

Dustin Gibson

Love this one!!

Patricia Villers

A great reminder. It’s not easy for me to step back from media and social media. It’s a slow process!

Patrick O'Toole

I’m trying to cut out all the “noise” I normally flood my senses with, and this year I want to use my time listening to podcasts and reading books that help me better myself. The opportunity to better myself is there, if I choose to take it!

Liridon Trepca

This is really good!

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