Build You

Larry Janesky: Think Daily

The source of a great life and experience for you will always be what’s inside you.  What you know, how you understand and process events, emotions and others, and your confidence and enthusiasm for your own future.

Knowledge, emotions, confidence. 

Build the inside you.  The outside you depends on it.

Keith Hart

One of the things I do each morning when I get out of bed is I get on my knees and pray and as I pray I say thank you for my children and I visualize each of them smiling!

Jeff Benrud

Thanks for the Poster and the compliment. Also congrats on the 202 mph. That’s rolling..
Hope you are well and Godspeed brother.
You need to write another book on the Baja where u ran out of fuel. Was a great read on your daily writings.
I also missed that fuel point and had to go back.

Jeff Benrud 715x

Lynette-Marie Lacerda

Yes indeed, self-improvement is an inside job. It’s the best work anyone can do for themselves.

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