Happy Independence Day!

Larry Janesky: Think Daily

Tomorrow is America’s birthday!  Let’s not forget the principles this country was founded on.  Principles that have created such freedom and prosperity that we all enjoy today.  

And let’s not forget we must protect the ideas that got us here.  Limited government for example; we don’t want a government with a myriad of regulation, laws, and rules that makes it constrictive for us to do things freely.

Groups of people we elect are supposed to make the laws.  But with alarming speed, two trends in government have run amuck.

1) Presidents and Governors have issued so many “executive orders” that are not voted on by anyone.  That’s not president or governor – that’s king.  Our founding documents don’t say that one man can make laws by himself.

2) Agencies run by people who are appointed or hired make a tremendous quantity of rules and regulations.  Whether it be the environment, labor, transportation, commerce, you name it – unelected people are making regulations.  And the nature of any department is to grow their influence and expand their budgets and footprints in our lives.

We must notice what is going on, and speak up.

America wasn’t created by accident or by letting the human nature of benevolent leaders go unchecked.  In fact, it was the opposite.  The government must be checked by the people. 

Every age in America has had its challenges.  Our forefathers have largely done the right thing (eventually), and for that we are grateful.  Now it’s our turn to protect it for our posterity.


This experiment is still young and has always been turbulent!
We Thank God for men of Vision, Courage, and Wisdom to GIVE US, a shot at Freedom.
Thank You for LEADING,

Barry Kindt

I’m also grateful for our forefathers! Let’s all move to erase “Happy 4th of July” and promote “Happy Independence Day”. It’s the least we can do to respect all our veterans and their families for all they’ve given to enable our Freedom and Independence!

Allen Nolt

Thank you Larry, I appreciate and agree with this wholeheartedly. Keep up the good work. I too am grateful for George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, Benjamin Franklin and the principles this country was founded on.

Boris Ermant


Mark Wedemeyer

Well articulated!! I wish the younger generations were more educated on these principles rather than the mush that has been coming out of colleges, high schools and now grade schools for half a century!!
Mark Wedemeyer

Lawrence Bergen

Good morning, thanks for sharing these each day. I look forward to them and the thoughts and viewpoints they provoke for consideration. I try to spread the interest in these around to get others to think more independently (and for themselves).

Patricia Villers

thanks for this, Larry! I also am grateful for the foresight and brilliance of our nation’s Founding Fathers.

Brian Lovell

Perfectly stated!

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