Larry Janesky: Think Daily

Some of us live mostly in the past, letting what happened have a strong influence on today, and their identity.

If the past, or parts of it are not good, then there is a strong argument to change your habits of thinking to let it go.  The first part of any change is to notice what you are habitually doing, and want to change.

Understand that the mistakes others made had nothing to do with you.  And you were doing your best (and learning) when you made mistakes.  It was all part of the process to make you better and stronger – if you let it.

There’s a longer answer here, but put symbols, words, and images, of who you want to be and where you are going in your environment. Change your environment, and change the words you say to yourself, even if you don’t believe them at first. Make it a point to focus on the better you, free from any past negative influence on purpose each day, until it becomes a habit – which will take longer than 30 days.

The past was events.  You are not an event.

You are a dynamic human being with the power to create any life for yourself that you want.

Now go out and take it.

David Sawransky

Sorry your race is canceled. Although it means you will be in better possoition to WIN Nevada. Go Team Janesky!

Bob ligmanowski

“You deserve what your getting right now”, from your past actions(or lack of) And, as I’m reminded almost everyday by my wife, “it’s your fault”. I remember you saying this in SOE…I’m beginning to believe it now!
Like you said in the other your other post…think of the good things going on(like the Nevada race:) And you have “The Barn” to ride at 🙂 That’s like going to another world !

Dan Gattuso

“Free your mind and your ass will follow”
George Clinton
Look out Nevada!


Self loathing does not equal humility.


Good luck with the Silver Sand 300! Braaap on! And thanks for the helpful advice. I was laid off by my own brother and struggle each day moving on. Your blog post will help me. – I hope. Thank you.

Todd Nihill

Good luck and stay focused

Gray Wilson

Enjoy the ride and return safely home recharged and refreshed.

Jay Church

Good luck in Nevada!

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