Ricki Edwardson

Thank you for your daily inspiration. It is very much appreciated.

john begley

Great job

Kenneth Byler

Something I look forward to every morning, thanks for the inspiration Larry

Myrsini Papoutsis

Happy Anniversary!
Love the daily inspirational messages delivered daily to our mailbox thst we look forward to receiving for a good start to our day.

Lee Ensz

Thank you for doing this. I really appreciate it.

Brendan Fogarty

No Time For A Pity Party! Move With Purpose!

Patrick Finn

Good Morning Larry,
I just started receiving these messages about 1.5 years ago and I think they’re great. Keep doing them. Oh and bye the way I’ve listened to your book twice and learned alot each time. I can totally relate to the main character in the book.


The messages are outstanding. Often it is just the right thought hitting me at just the right time. Thank you for sharing your gifts.
This week I came home from work to find one of your entries printed by my wife and left on the kitchen counter for my son to read. Sometimes the wisdom of others is better received than the wisdom of parents!

Dave Waldenberg

Think Daily is AMAZING! There are many days that it adjusts my attitude or kicks me in the butt. I am grateful that you put all the time and energy to produce it.

Jeff Nero

Thank you Larry, for making our lives and goals a little clearer every day.

Rick Pilarski

I am kind of new to this, I enjoy it because I feel it helps me do other things in my personal development and this is a great reminder! I feel the more you begin to do something the more into it you will get.

Austin Marcum

Awesome work! It allows us to slow down, think, and act – daily!

Wayne Miller

Congrats on 11 years of Think Daily. I look forward to it in my email every morning. Very inspirational.

Kevin M.

I find Think Daily to be inspirational, thought-provoking, and insightful. I never miss a single one. Thank you for sharing it.

Josh Cohen

A great way to help start the day and set my mind right.

Tom Matthews

The right way to start any day.
I appreciate the effort required to develop and write the messages.

Susan J Bialasik

Most days, just the inspiration needed to keep going. Thank you.

Mike Mitchell

Thank you for the Think Daily posts and your diligence in posting each and every weekday.

Curt Drew

Wow Larry, 11 years! That’s amazing. I don’t know how you do it. Thanks for doing it though!!

Mike Werbowski

2860 meaningful messages! WOW!! Its life focusing on the receiving end. THANK YOU Larry!!

Mike Omasta

Keep on keeping on Larry!

Darrin Saffell

Thank you for taking the time to (faithfully) give us these daily thoughts! I can’t believe it has been 11 year!
Also, thank you for your guidance and leadership throughout this time with the COVID-19 issues!


Eleven years of doing ANYTHING consistently is tough, let alone something as impactful and difficult as writing these. Congrats, Larry! Quite an accomplishment.

Patricia Villers

I appreciate seeing Think Daily in my inbox every morning! Thank you for the inspiration every day. I agree with what all the other folks said!

Roy Anderson

Congratulations, look forward to your thoughts everyday, uplifting and encouraging. Thanks

Efrain Yanez

Reading your emails everyday make me be more productive and energize, thank you for sharing your thoughts.
Efrain Yanez

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