The Inner Game

Larry Janesky: Think Daily

Throughout my career I have learned, tried and done a lot of things.  I had skin in the game the whole way – and that makes a huge difference.  When I began to teach others, in small increments at first many years ago, and now almost full time, my key ideas coalesced over time.

If there is one “Larry Janesky idea” that I feel is central to living a happy self-actualized life it’s this –

From nothing, comes something.

From the inner, comes the outer.

From the invisible, comes the visible.

And there you have it.  Everything going on around us and all the results we get in our lives is a result of what is going on inside our heads.  We are not likely to win the outer game if we don’t win the inner one.  

It’s the inner game that counts.

Jodi Fogarty

Love that phase and words of wisdom to incorporate into my life, thanks again Larry!!


That is very comforting and encouraging for me!!!
Thanks Larry.

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